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Nice comments#

Thank you to all the people who have made supportive, motivational comments in different ways over the years. It means a lot. And, if SKILSTAK has helped you in some way, please let us know.

It's about community

Rob started SKILSTAK, but it has always been the community that keeps SKILTAK going strong. Even Rob got his current corporate job through a SKILSTAK member referral.

Won't you join us?

- Name:  Eva Feucht
  Title: Director, Park Scholarships
  Text:  |
    Congratulations! On behalf of North Carolina State University, I am
    pleased to announce that [your community member] has been named
    a Finalist for Park Scholarships, one of the most prestigious merit
    scholarship programs in the nation. Thanks in part to your
    thoughtful recommendation, our Selection Committee was able to gain
    valuable insight into this student's exceptional qualifications.

- Name:  Justine Okerson and Ann Smith 
  Title: Scholar Selection Team
  Text:  |
    We are pleased to inform you that [your community member] is
    a finalist for the Morehead-Cain, the first merit scholarship
    program established in the United States.

- Name:  Brent S. Clark
  Title: Site Reliability Engineer, HomeAdvisor
  Note:  Sent "Thanks Award" for helping learn Linux
  Text:  |
    Robert is a very skilled programmer. His ability to come up with
    solutions to problems enables them to be resolved faster.  I worked
    with him as a Systems Administrator. He was able to use his skills
    to automate many of the processes that made work much easier for the
    rest of the team. His zeal for coding prompted other team members to
    strengthen and/or learn programming skills.

- Name: Anonymous
  Note: 'Started as "junior" developer for $100k annual salary'
  Text: |
    Rob helped me get out of retail and get work at a major software
    company, using modern tools and technology. Along the way, I worked
    on my own projects, learned how to use the linux command line like
    a pro, and just learned a lot in general. Rob's mentorship has
    definitely changed my life for the better!

- Name: Anonymous
  Note: Comment from web site
  Text: |
    Just wanted to say your website has been hugely useful to me and
    a few of my peers in scientific computing, who often need to use
    terminal but are more focused on science than coding practices.
    Please keep on adding to your website. I will definitely refer my
    colleagues to it going forward :)

- Name: Anonymous
  Note: Comment from web site
  Text: |
    Good site you have here. It's difficult to find high quality
    writing like yours nowadays. I really appreciate people like you!
    Take care!!

- Name: Ryan Brink
  Text: |
    I want to thank you for all of the amazing information & resources
    that are available here on your site.  It is always a pleasure when
    I come here and see a new blog post -- even (especially) when the
    subject matter goes over my head -- it shows how much room I have to
    grow.)  I have been visiting your site semi-frequently throughout
    the year.  It is amazing and encouraging to see how passionate you
    are about getting others to understand technology on a deeper level.

    I am a web developer who did not take the traditional college path
    to get where I am (boot camp grad, please don't hold that against
    me). When I visit SkilStak I view it as being like a path of
    breadcrumbs leading me to the things that are important and that
    I should be focusing my time & effort on learning.  You have my
    gratitude for so freely sharing such a vast amount of info, often in
    areas that reveal to me where my tech "blind spots" are so that
    I may delve deeper.  My goal for 2020 is to have my personal website
    up & running.  SkilStak has been a big inspiration on my finally
    putting in some work towards that goal.

    Thank you for creating this amazing space for those of us who would
    otherwise have never met you in person.  Keep up the incredible

    PS - You may recall that we had a brief Twitter exchange several
    months ago.  I have been learning to do more on the terminal than
    ever before, but I am still hoping for and looking forward to an
    eventual Terminal Master course!  Until then I will be following the
    book you recommend here (Learning the Linux Command Line, complete
    with Bash v4 - I installed Ubuntu last week and I can't wait to
    become a true terminal master!)

- Name: Alastair
  Text: |
    Hi there. Just read you bad parent blog piece. You lost skilstak in
    your medium/twitter handle so I thought I’d see what it is. Broken
    by the looks of it. Good in you for becoming an educator. It’s not
    easy but I hope it’s rewarding.

- Name: Anonymous
  Note: Parent of a mentored community member
  Text: |
    Hi Rob - No reason for my email other than to say thank you for
    everything you do for [our son]! He absolutely loves coding and his
    hour with you is his favorite of the week. He spends his free time
    working through the problems you help him come up with and he knows
    what he wants to do with his life. We are so happy he has found
    something he loves and just wanted to say thanks!"

- Name: Gabe Miller
  Note: Employed at 16 as developer for solar energy company
  Text: |
    I have been with SkilStak for about 6 years now and it has been one
    of the most valuable and impactful experiences in my life. I feel
    that Mr. Rob has trained me extremely well and I feel prepared for
    my future in programming and engineering. Mr. Rob has done so many
    things for me over the years and caused me to get a extremely
    valuable payed internship before I even finished High School, not to
    mention multiple job offers with 6 digit salaries. I highly
    recommend SkilStak for anyone who is interested in programming and
    wants to be prepared for a career in programming and technology. It
    has been more valuable than any other school of any kind that I have
    been to. Mr. Rob and SkilStak taught me so much and prepared me for
    even more. I wouldn't trade my experience there for anything in the

- Name: Anonymous
  Note: Solar energy company that employed Gabe Miller 
  Text: |
    Rob, you referred Gabe Miller to us last year at ... he's been

- Name: Anonymous
  Note: Member of private mentored community
  Text: |
    Thank you so much for introducing me to coding! I have learned so
    much. I love being able to create something anyone can enjoy. I hope
    to see you in the Fall!"

- Name: Bob Theisen 
  Title: Network Engineering Instructor, Mitchel Community College
  Text: |
    I just want to encourage you to keep teaching. You’re gifts aren't
    just technical. You are making more of an impact then you know.

- Name: Anonymous
  Note: Parent of private mentored community member
  Text: |
    I just wanted to let you know that [my son] has really been enjoying
    camp this week. He talks non-stop about it when he gets home. He’s
    so excited about what he’s doing!! He just told me this has been the
    best camp ever because they are learning and then get to play with
    what what they learned. 😀

- Name: Mary Muchane
  Note: Mother of private community member accepted to NCSSM
  Text: |
    Mur and I really, really believe in what Skilstak is about and what
    you are doing and have done for dozens of young boys and girls.
    Beyond the coding and the career preparation, Skilstak provides a ‘
    place‘ for them and gives them the courage to wear their nerd badges
    proudly.  I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say that the impact of
    Skilstak will last throughout their lives regardless of the
    trajectory each takes.

- Name: Jennifer Miller
  Note: Parent of private mentored community member
  Text: |
    My son attended the Minecraft camp today and is hooked! He is
    registered for a coding class now every week! He just keeps thanking
    us for finding this ‘cool’ place! I highly recommend for kids who
    love technology and want to learn more!

- Name: Bella
  Note: Private mentored community member
  Text: |
    I have enjoyed my time learning at Skilstak! My favorite thing is
    that we are always changing and learning the newest available
    material for web development. Most of my girl friends don’t like to
    talk about code, but it is because they don’t understand it. I have
    found other coding girls at Skilstak, I enjoy figuring out
    assignments together with them and also working at my own pace.

- Name: Joni Dunn
  Note: Parent of private mentored community member 
  Text: |
    Rob does a fantastic job of engaging and teaching the kids without
    them even knowing they‘re learning. :) We’ll be repeat customers
    every time my grandson comes for a visit!

- Name: Dena Miller
  Note: Mother of Gabe Miller
  Text: |
    My son has been attending SkilStak for almost four years now. He
    started out in Code and Play and has progressed to Pro, gaining
    invaluable coding skills and knowledge every step of the way! In
    addition to classes, he has served as a TA or teacher’s assistant
    and aspires to be an instructor as his part-time job during his high
    school years. He has not only learned several coding languages, but
    has acquired a valuable work ethic and sense of community and active
    citizenship. I have no doubt, that he truly has discovered his
    lifelong passion and career path while attending classes at
    SkilStak.  I am extremely grateful to Rob for providing my son with
    his incredible coding abilities and life skills, and more
    importantly, for serving as a mentor and positive male role model to
    an impressionable teenager! I would wholeheartedly recommend the
    SkilStak program as an extracurricular activity to any future coders
    and their parents!

- Name: Sandy M.
  Note: \"Happy Mom\" of private mentored community member
  Text: |
    Our quiet, unexcitable 11 year old son has been taking classes with
    Rob and his crew at Skilstak going on 3 1/2 years. These classes are
    a challenge that school can not provide. He says that they are just
    fun and he likes creating on the computer. But we see much more! We
    have seen him become more creative and analytical, confident,
    independent, and self-sufficient. Mr. Rob has opened his eyes to
    future job possibilities and the importance of professionalism and
    good character. As well as legitimate computer programming
    instruction. He can’t wait to go to the classes!

    These classes are more than standard ‘summer camp’ computer classes.
    Students are expected to actually learn different languages and
    create programs. They will get certified at their own pace. And the
    classes are challenging. We highly recommend Skilstak to anyone
    wanting to do more than ‘play on a computer’.

- Name: savagebananasoup
  Note: Message from Livestream Viewer
  Text: |
    I've been a 'software developer' (whatever that means) for a couple
    of years, been using Linux as a hobbyist for 10 years and I'm
    learning loads from this guy.

- Name: qmacro99
  Note: Message from Livestream Viewer
  Text: |
    rwxrob's influence is all over my dotfiles now, bound into the way
    I work.  

- Name: Andriy Lapitskyy
  Note: Message from Livestream Viewer
  Text: |
    Wanted to let you know I watched the 0-3 days [Beginner Boost] and
    I liked what you had to say it's like you were speaking to my soul

- Name: Lio Makki
  Note: Message from Livestream Viewer
  Text: |
    Not everybody can recognize the value of Rob's content only the
    intelligent people do.

- Name: Zer0CoolAZ
  Note: Message from Livestream Viewer
  Text: |
    Just wanted to reach out and say thank you for the environment that
    you've fostered thus far, it's always exciting to learn from someone
    so versed. Your playlist selection has also been a live saver for
    many early morning starts where dousing fires was needed and sanity
    was slipping.

- Name: Randy
  Note: Message from Livestream Viewer
  Text: |
    Hey Rob, I’m a fairly new viewer and wanted to say thank you for the
    work you are doing to build your knowledge tools and the community
    around it.  But also for the free conversations and teachings you
    are providing on YouTube.  I agree 100% with your comments about
    Facebook and Google and think your knowledge projects are
    fascinating.  But I also identity with your recent wisdom  about
    mentoring and teaching.  I am 45 years old, graduated with a CS
    degree in 2002, but because of various reasons I did not do well in
    college and didn’t pursue programming until about 6 years ago.
    Through that pursuit I found a job which lead to a second job which
    had me working on projects with zero documentation with languages
    I did not know.   I struggled but eventually figured out what
    I needed to get the work done, fix bugs, and add features.  That was
    until I burned out February of last year.  Since then I’ve been on
    my own path of self learning and healing.

    So when I first heard you talk about what an autodidact was
    I realized that I’ve already been doing that because I’ve had too.
    And that I am being one now.  Your conversations about all this has
    given me context and validation.  So once again thank you for
    putting all this out there for people like me to see.

- Name: rossim2i2
  Note: Message from Livestream Viewer
  Text: |
    This is such a small and trivial piece of code, but the amount I've
    learned has been invaluable. Especially the feedback you've taken
    the time to provide. [After woring on `cmdbox-isosec` with Git.]

- Name: iambrockvond
  Note: Message from Livestream Viewer
  Text: |
    I am catching up with the Boosts on 2x. Not a beginner but it's
    filling in tons of gaps. Wanted to say thank you for this. Excited
    to catch up to live.

- Name: Mitchell Hynes:
  Note: Message from YouTube Viewer
  Text: |
    Just watched your AMA comparing Rust hype to Node hype and as
    a Rustacean of 2 years I couldn't agree more. It convinced me to not
    put all my eggs in one basket and write more Go+C. Love your videos.

- Name: zbrow
  Note: Message from YouTube Viewer
  Text: |
    Rob could do a video on addition and subtraction and I'd still find something to learn.

- Name: jaysega
  Note: Message from Twitch and YouTube Viewer
  Text: |
    You know what's funny, after joining this stream just a few days
    ago, I removed 95%+ of my twitch subs, and 99% of my youtube subs.
    Signal to Noise ratio is real, made me realize how much noise I was
    letting in. There are some true gurus I've also unsubbed just
    because, right now I have to admit I cannot benefit from all of
    them. It's not their fault they are just putting themselves out
    there. But it's the rare few who are guru-ish status who also can
    speak to newbs like myself.

- Name: almrotation
  Text: |
    I've only been here for about an hour and you've literally broken
    the mental barrier in my head telling me I cant do this on my own
    thank you for the wisdom and motivation.

- Name: lattjorr
  Text: |
    очень крута дед

- Name: cradersec
  Text: |
    I stumbled across your 2021 boost repo and I really appreciate the
    way of thinking that you are promoting. I think it is rare in the
    current time to have people advocating for critical thinking. Keep
    up the good work.

- Name: ind1emonk3y
  Text: |
    I explained the very basic of what I learned from your Boost on
    docker to friend telling him, I can explain you in less than
    10minutes.... In the end, we played for one hour and he was amazed
    by containers!

- Name: ChOkO08_
  Text: |
    I thought i knew shellscript until i came across @rwxrob streams :)
    It's been really entertaining to "relearn" it with his examples.

- Name: goobus_maximus
  Text: |
    Yeah, I know this is a coding channel! Your Youtube vids have really
    helped me - I'm nearly through an interview process for an MLOps
    role & your content is a meaningful part of my success.

- Name: adykaaa
  Text: |
    man, I should watch you more, you are motivating as fuck

- Name: KonQuesting
  Text: |
      Becoming a "terminal native" has put me way ahead in that Amazon
      training program I'm doing. Other people in there are network
      engineers, Java developers, and they all think I'm hot shit.  So
      rob's knowledge has definitely been a great boon to me. And this
      community is stacked with amazing people.

- Name: qt_pi3
  Text: |
    I feel like I've entered a new chapter in my life. I was living in
    BRE (before rwxrob era) now im in RE (rwx rob era).

- Name: narendev
  Text: |
    Glad to be here , crunching through your beginner boost vids. They
    are great as I learn more and more Linux in just few hours than
    stacking up bunch of linux related books.

- Name: awptakesnoskill
  Text: idk why but watching rob helps me focus

- Name: cronto82
  Text: This is best channel on Twitch

- Name: stitchedd
  Text: The beginner boost is the reason I started using Linux. I cant imagine going back.

- Name: HeavyDrinker90210
  Text: |
    When considering "Standing on the shoulders of giants"; you are one
    of this giants. o7 sir. 

- Name: KennithNichol
  Text: Your scripts are artisan level.

- Name: archification
  Text: |
    Hello sir rob. Not sure if you feel like reading or responding to
    chat right now but I just wanted to thank you. You don't know it but
    you helped me through a few dark times in my life. I'm starting my
    first job in 10 years 2 hours from now. From nothing to database

- Name: thed2
  Text: |
    guys, fyi the beginner boosts that rob is doing are really helpful,
    got my knowledge and first job in cybersecurity with his boosts :)

- Name: CuriousE1k
  Text: |
    I've learned a lot from you even though i'm here infrequently. It's
    helped me greatly in my career as a SDET and advancing my knowledge
    and i'm going to be continuing it and the self education as
    a result. You helped me not give up. So thank you.

- Name: miluba86
  Text: |
    I'm in health it so I am behind 5 to 10 years technology wise... do
    still doing java and angular... but cloud movement change this
    radically... we need k8s so questions arise... why JVM in
    Containers... why so much ram consumption... so I started learning
    go got good advice in here... so thank you Rob and community for
    your help!

- Name: be1ancour
  Text: |
    I need to tell you I copy some stuff from your Workspace container
    and make my own personalized. Still is in progress I will use it for
    Java development I want to express my gratitude for real these
    videos of beginner boost helped me a lot.

- Name: KonQuesting
  Text: |
    I just got a job offer for the most money I've ever made in my life.
    Never worked in IT before, only FOSS experience. I owe you for
    giving me the confidence to believe I could be "enterprise ready"
    with strong fundamentals, and cover my knowledge gaps as an

- Name: ohyounaasty
  Text: |
    hey there, stumbled across your youtube a while ago and it inspired
    me to remove all my text editors and just use vim all the time
    (something i've been meaning to do for 10+ years) - just wanted to
    thank you, it's been transformative, really

- Name: ghost_steve
  Text: |
    Hey Rob I see your busy, just wanted to say thank you for these
    streams got me a job as Infrastructure eng.

- Name: youaresourcecode
  Text: |
    I personally think Rob is best example of what's programming
    means... I imagine unix core creators designing and programming unix
    operating system kind of like Rob shows us in his streams. Keep it
    up Rob!!!!!

- Name: rwxLethalz
  Text: >-
    Cause of rob ive gotten a job as a network tech making 25 hr just
    a start but it helps.

- Name: Wxaaz
  Text: >-
    im from africa and a company in europe accepted me , my life
    probably gonna change , but without the fuel i've once, i would
    never sacrifice this far, so thank you so much

- Name: qaerst
  Text: >-
    I've literally built out my future career path on your advice , and
    it helped me immensly. If you're ever in the EU , beer is on me.

- Name: rwillex
  Text: >-
    I just want to share with you that I got a "devops" job. Thank you so
    much for all the help, and also the beginner boost helped me a lot.

- Name: IMExploder
  Text: I got my first k8s job last week, partly because of you.

- Name: oppp20039
  Text: >-
    What I like most about Rob is that he is not a nerd. I can't stand
    nerds and never been able to be friend with one but this is one of
    the few channels where a human is actually streaming. Maybe because
    you talk about your life, maybe because you have strong opinions,
    maybe because you understand life and things outside of coding.

- Name: appproachsloth
  Text: Rob is going to make a new standard I swear.

- Name: (anonymous)
  Text: >-
    I wouldn't have even gotten into vim and shell scripts if not for
    the content I found through this stream.

- Name: flipmybit
  Text: >-
    Yo I just started Ashtanga yoga after seeing it here and I am loving
    it so far.

- Name: rossim2i2:
  Text ->
    I used everything I learned here to write a Windows script
    (basically wrote it in Bash and retrfit it to Windows Script) to
    solve an issue at work. Not only did it impress my new boss (our
    CIO), but also saved 5-10k in outsourced dev costs.

- Name: GamingDizzyfly
  Text: ->
      I somehow landed a "cloud consultant" role. I have to thank
      u profusely for ur content and for inspiring me.

- Name: touch_beans
  Text: ->
    I got a job directly out of HS pretty much due to what I’ve learned
    from you. Not only that, but you helped me build a lifelong passion
    purely by showing me what a passionate programmer is and what makes
    programming exciting. For that, thank you.

- Name: alonsete14
  Text: ->
    just want to say I have found a job as backend dev with Go, your
    streaming has motivated me a lot, thanks Rob!

- Name: anonymous
  Text: ->
    You've changed my life man, even though i'm just some pixels on your
    monitor that sometimes pops up. Couple months ago I was puking due
    to working 18 hour days for big oil, being so stressed that my hair
    turned grey at my early 20's. Now I am able to send my mother on
    a nice vacation and take care of my family :)

- Name: Dorinpedala
  Text: ->
    Hi there Rob, I am a sysadmin from Romania, finally I get to thank
    you for the Beginner Boost you've done in 2020! Thanks to you
    I landed the job of my life and got to play with a lot tone of
    awesome tech!

- Name: Himthecool21
  Text: ->
     Whenever I watch your stream I get soo productive.

- Name: desire_nothing:
  Text: ->
     Hello rwxrob, how are you? First of all, thank you for all the
     beginner boosts, you are the hero that we wanted and needed.
     Sincerely, thank you. I wanted to ask because I am starting the
     previous year BB with docker, you mention wsl2, but is it possible
     to set it up with git bash? Thank you in advance and please keep
     being so awesome, you are changing our lives for the better!

     I can't thank you enough and you have no idea how much I respect
     you for what you do for us - the community. A pure gem and I am
     happy that I discovered your channel so early in my dev career.
     Keep up being awesome!

- Name: ChadWickTC
  Text: Fun fact. You helped me land a job as a Cloud Linux Engineer. I start Dec 1st.

- Name: ping_ochio
  Text: ->
    Rob is an artist from the IT world, his room is his atelier, the
    keyboard is his color palette, the terminal is his canvas, Twitch,
    Youtube and github are his exhibition galleries.  Kappa

- Name: Carson
  Text: ->
    hey rob, this is your former student carson here if you happen to
    remember me. trouble falling asleep right now and I was just
    thinking about all those years I disliked you after you 'kicked me
    out' when you downsized to private lessons, but I never have really
    appreciated the gift you gave me until right about now. This funky
    english with all sorts of weird symbols is soemthing not a lot of
    people are capable of grasping, and yet you made it so easy and
    I never really ever got to thank you

- Name: sstichedd
  Text: ->
    Every time I see you reference Zet, I smile. Your stream is the
    reason I started using Linux 3 years ago. That is the time USING
    computers started making sense to me. I am now starting my first
    tech related job at 40 years old. When I started using vim to
    manipulate code, and saw how it connected seamlessly with Linux, It
    changed everything for me. No college degree, no education to speak
    of, but I got hired on for the city of San Diego, CA as a data entry
    specialist simply because of the skills I learned. Most of those
    skills learned here, haha

- Name: x_sharkuni_x
  Text: ->
    You are a great teacher with a soothing voice full of knowledge.

- Name: illusion4u
  Text: ->
    Hey, Rob. How are you? Just dropping by to let you know, I'm
    employed. I start tomorrow morning. You have been truly helpful for
    me. See you, have a good hacking session

- Name: Kano_steam
  Text: ->
    I was able to land a full time junior position with no degree
    because of you. Thank you for everything you do.

- Name: AntNem_
  Text: ->
    I just want to say thank you @rwxrob for being a positive influence
    in my life  <3

- Name: adrnlnJnky
  Text: ->
    I want to share: I took your Linux class in 2020 during the Covid lockdown.
    I took your course then, from there I learned Go, then randomly Elixir and
    now I have a job as a developer. That course your did for free was the jump
    point that got me moving forward with traction...

- Name: Dizzyfly
  Text: ->
    Hi Rob! I hope all is well. I landed and kept my job thanks to your 2021
    boost series on YouTube.

- Name: Anyascii
  Text: ->
    They haven't invented a title yet for the type of influencer you are.

- Name: Alex
  Text: ->
    Not sure if you remember me. I was at SkilStaks when it was in Cornelius around when I was in middle school or something and just wanted to thank you for all your teaching as now I'm a Freshman at UNC Charlotte and I was able to use what I learned all the way back then with Python to actually be able to test out of one of my classes.

- Name: Mehmet
  Text: ->