All Meetups now $10 and limited to six people.

Fall registration open. Best times will fill fast. New site coming to help. Email 2-3 preferred hour time slots and will be in touch. Sunday noon and 1pm slots added.

Stay tuned for video soon (after I unpack the equipment).

YOU! That's who. ­čśü Coding isn't just for geeks and nerds , or even just boys, girls invented programming .

SkilStak Coding Arts® is a unique colearning community founded by Mr. Rob on May 11th, 2013 to help people discover their strengths and interests and learn the tech skills to enhance them.

SkilStak® has helped hundreds of all ages, aptitudes, and backgrounds. We're confident we can help you.

Code is art, good code like the enigmatic innards of a fine 16th century timepiece, a good coder not unlike the artisan obsessed with its beauty, complexity, and simple elegance. It just works.

Learning happens when you do the work, be it a progressive web app, a bit of interactive fiction, a multiplayer game, hacker script, custom Linux® system, or servo-driven robotic arm.

Join a free meetup to start your learning today.

We get downright metaphysical in our belief that people are led to SkilStak when the time is right. Is the time right for you?

Life is full of have-to-dos. SkilStak is one of get-to-dos. If this is how you feel then the time is right.

You can start immediately with a free meetup. We'll start by getting to know you, your goals, needs, and learning style.

Then, when you're ready, you can sign up for private (or semi-private)courses.

We are a home-based business located one block from Roosevelt Wilson Park, or Hurt Hub, and three blocks from Main street.

428 Beaty Street
Davidson, NC 28036

We strongly encourage students to bus, walk, bike, or skate to SkilStak. We picked this location for that reason.

If you must drive, please avoid dropping off on Beaty Street or using the driveway, which is more dangerous than parking nearby and walking over. The best parking is in front of the park. Please show respect for our neighbors and neighborhood.

To save the world of course. ­čśü There's really never been a better time in history to learn to code. The world literally needs your help.

Maybe you just want to make something fun for you and your friends to enjoy.

Whatever your motivation, one result is the same. You feel the sublime satisfaction of knowing you coded it, you built it, you hacked it. You gain the confidence to know you really can do it.

Discere faciendo! Learn by doing. There's no better way. Try. Fail. Learn. Repeat.

Courses are taught like private guitar lessons (two students maximum per lesson). There's simply no better way to learn.

Like music lessons, nothing proves your learning more than performing or showing off your well-crafted projects with pride.

Our curriculum is the most up to date possible.