We're homeless! 😁 We have until 9/1 to find a new space. We need your help.

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YOU! That's who. 😁 Coding isn't just for geeks and nerds , or even just boys, girls invented programming .

SkilStak Coding Arts® is a unique colearning community founded by Mr. Rob on May 11th, 2013 to help people discover their strengths and interests and learn the tech skills to enhance them.

SkilStak® has helped hundreds of all ages, aptitudes, and backgrounds. We're confident we can help you.

Code is art, good code like the enigmatic innards of a fine 16th century timepiece, a good coder not unlike the artisan obsessed with its beauty, complexity, and simple elegance. It just works.

Learning happens when you do the work, be it a progressive web app, a bit of interactive fiction, a multiplayer game, hacker script, custom Linux® system, or servo-driven robotic arm.

Join a course, camp, meetup or lab and start your learning today.

We get downright metaphysical in our belief that people are led to SkilStak when the time is right. Is the time right for you?

Life is full of have-to-dos. SkilStak is one of get-to-dos. If this is how you feel then the time is right.

You can start immediately with a meetup or lab. We're here all day most days. Just let us know you're coming.

We'll start by getting to know you, your goals, needs, and learning style.

On East Catawba near town hall off exit 28 in old town Cornelius, North Carolina:

SkilStak Coding Arts
21347 Catawba Ave
Cornelius, NC 28031

If you cannot get to us in person we accept three remote students per course.

To save the world of course. 😁 Never before has there been a more motivating time to learn to code. The world literally needs your help.

Maybe you just want to make something fun for you and your friends to enjoy. It's all good. That's how it starts.

Whatever your motivation, one result is the same. You feel the sublime satisfaction of knowing you coded it, you built it, you hacked it. You gain the confidence to know you really can do it.

Discere faciendo! Learn by doing. There's no better way. You fail. You learn. You try again. Then you share your learning.

Sure we have certificates, but they mostly point to proof of your learning. Nothing proves it more than well-crafted projects you can demo with pride.

Courses are taught in an adapted, interactive college style and are video captured for playback. Students learn to stay curious, always ask why, and take responsibility in school and in life.

Never be done learning.