Welcome to SKILSTAK

A private, one-on-one, professionally-remote-mentored, learning community focused on coding and other modern tech skills.

SKILSTAK incorporated in May 2013 and is run by its founder Mr. Rob Muhlestein in Davidson, North Carolina. Hundreds have been through the program in that time. Many have been admitted into elite schools, paid internships, and well-paying part-time and full-time Summer engineering jobs in the modern tech industry while still in high school.

Currently there are no slots available.

The cost is $800 for 16 weeks of one-hour, remote, weekly sessions. Email rwx@robs.io for more information or to make an appointment for a free remote meet-n-greet to discuss application. You can also be added to the waiting list if you prefer another time. Policies are here.

Also, please consider joining our public RWX.GG learning community as well. Most private mentoring material is derived from the collaborative public community learning happening there.