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Welcome to the SKILSTAK Learning Community!

You've reached our knowledge base and home of the annual, crowd-sourced Beginner Boost learning event. This is where we document everything in a searchable, mobile-friendly way to supplement our YouTube video content, live Twitch sessions, and Discord channel discussions. Master, beginner, or just lurker, we do hope you'll join us as we blow the doors off broken traditional education paradigms.

How can I see the latest changes?#

This content is ever changing and evolving as improvements are made and changes in technology occur. To keep up with exactly what has changed, refer to the GitHub link in the top right (and give us a star, if you don't mind).

What have people said about SKILSTAK?#

There's no better marketing than word of mouth. In fact, since 2013 we've never needed to advertise. The first two community members were referrals from friends who were in tech and knew their kids needed to learn it. Since then, SKILSTAK has helped thousands to accomplish their learning and career goals.

Here's how one company representative described it in an email after hiring a community member with a 100,000 dollar starting salary:

Clearly, you have a talent for educating people in tech. ... After [your member's] success [here], I suspect the review team will be even more interested in picking up one or two of your students. We've had a lot of very bright interns from some of the top universities in the country and [your community member] was right in the mix with the best of them.

We met this person at a Linux meetup and introduced them to our community members.

How to get a job?

Getting hired is about building trust with potential employers by producing demonstratable, unique proof that you can produce what that company needs. We help people do it all the time.

Since SKILSTAK is largely a labor of love we maintain a collection of nice things people have said over the years.

Why no Slack channel?#

We don't have a Slack channel because we already have Discord. It is annoying that many companies block access to Discord. Consider accessing from your personal phone (preferably with speech-to-text) while at work if you face that kind of annoyance.