Learning that keeps up.
SkilStak is a one-on-one private mentored learning community in Davidson, North Carolina focused on empowering members of all ages, backgrounds, creeds, and capacities with tech skills that match their interests, resources, goals, and limiters. Members have been accepted into the best schools, internships, and jobs in the region. Start by learning web development, the command-line, Linux, and other essential skills of a Prescient Technology Professional. Later work toward becoming a Senior Software or Cybersecurity Engineer delivering projects and earning professional certifications to demonstrate your skills coding, configuring, building, and hacking apps, games, sites, systems, bots, electronics, devices, data, and more. We create and maintain our own professional sites, progressive web apps, Linux workstations, and servers hosting science projects, multiplayer games, AI-driven assistants, chat bots, Minecraft worlds, and more. We promote educational freedom and started the Shared Sustainable Open Independent Learning (S²OIL) initiative for open content, curriculum, and code contributions including the README World Knowledge Exchange and README WorldPress personal publishing platform.