Welcome to SKILSTAK.

A private, one-on-one, professionally-remote-mentored, learning community focused on modern software development and top tech industry skills for those willing to dedicate themselves to becoming successful, prescient technologists (and have fun doing it):

Since May 2013 SKILSTAK has helped hundreds learn these fun and empowering technical skills. The need and pace of learning depends entirely on each individual. Some join to have fun learning game development, server setup, and competitive hacking. Others have had loftier goals such as being admitted into elite schools, winning paid internships, and full-time engineering jobs in the modern tech industry, some while still in high school. As one company representative wrote after hiring one or our members for $100,000:

Clearly, you have a talent for educating people in tech. … After [your member’s] success [here], I suspect the review team will be even more interested in picking up one or two of your students. We’ve had a lot of very bright interns from some of the top universities in the country and [your community member] was right in the mix with the best of them.

That member spent a fraction of the cost of a similar education (if one could be found) at a university. Real work with quality results proudly displayed in a public professional portfolio landed the job.

We are disrupting modern tech education and loving every minute of it. It’s no secret. One-on-one intense attention and personal focus is the key. Are you ready? Let’s find out.

Email Mr. Rob Muhlestein for more information, or explore his professional experience and credentials, or watch his live streams.

The price is $1200 for 16 weeks of one-hour, remote, one-on-one weekly sessions (which is the reasonable market rate).

Be sure to read our policy before applying.