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Create a basic web site#

This stage lifts you off the ground by learning the most rudimentary tech skills required for any tech profession: basic web development. Of course, not everyone will become a web developer by profession by every single technologist is implicitly expected to know how to create a simple static web page with Markdown, HTML, CSS, and perhaps a little JSON and YAML structured data. This skill is so ubiquitous it is almost never mentioned explicitly in any job description, but it is always implied.

Content will be added as it becomes available.

  1. Understand why learning basic web development matters
  2. Know a bit of history about how the Web came to be
  3. Explain the different uses of the Web
    1. The "Web" is not the "Internet"
  4. Learn Markdown
    1. Understand the history and purpose of Markdown
    2. Learn Markdown headings
    3. Learn Markdown blocks
    4. Learn Markdown inline formatting
    5. Learn Markdown linking
    6. Learn Markdown images
    7. Learn LaTeX/KaTeX/MathJax are and when to use
    8. Use VSCode LiveServer extension
    9. Get pandoc to learn how Markdown renders as HTML
  5. Learn essential HTML elements that correspond to Markdown
    1. HTML is "read-only" mostly (like PostScript)
    2. Look up HTML documentation from specification when needed
    3. Inspect HTML source (and know the dangers)
    4. Understand basic HTML syntax
    5. Code main HTML document elements: doctype, html, head, body
    6. Code HTML metadata elements: meta, title, base
    7. Code HTML document section elements:
    8. Code HTML grouping elements:
    9. Code HTML text-level semantic elements:
    10. Code HTML embedded content elements:
    11. Code HTML embedded table elements:
    12. Look up what is supported from when needed
    13. "Is HTML5 related to SGML?"
    14. "What is XML and XHTML?"
  6. Learn just enough CSS to style a basic web site
  7. Learn to structure data
    1. Learn to structure data into JSON
    2. Learn to structure data into YAML
  8. PROJECT: Create an online resume/cv on GitHub
    1. Stay the hell away from LinkedIn