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2023 Boost - Week 17#

Let's jump into basic programming—specifically procedural programming. We'll use POSIX shell and bash as our first programming language (as odd as that sounds).

  • Why learn shell as a first programming language?
  • How can I create a program/script?
  • What are some differences between bash and shell?
  • What is syntax?
  • What is a "string"?
  • What is a carriage return and a line feed?
  • Why does ! have special meaning to the shell?
  • How do I "escape" a backslash?
  • What is an "argument"?
  • What is a "variable"?
  • What are "environment variables" (or "system variables")?
  • How do I use comments in shell code?
  • What happens when I add multiple arguments to printf?
  • How do I display the size and panes in TMUX?
  • What are "fields" and "delimiters"?
  • How do I pass data and variables into my program?
  • What are "parameters"?
  • How do I get the first argument into my program?
  • How can I join a variable immediately preceding a string?