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2023 Boost - Week 16#


Get good with Git basics so we have a way to backup our code and notes. To use Git, however, we have to learn a little about public-key cryptography and secure shell (but not too much).

  • What is the best Git learning resource?
  • Just how much Git and GitHub do I need to learn?
  • How does SSH apply to Git and GitHub?
  • What is "public key cryptography" and why do I need to care?
  • How do I create an "SSH public key" for GitHub?
  • How do I create a repository (repo) and clone it locally?
  • How do I add new stuff to the repo?
  • How do I save (commit) stuff to the repo?
  • How can I restore local changes (if I deleted file, for example)?
  • How do I "introduce myself" to Git?
  • How do I push my changes to GitHub?