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2023 Boost - Week 1#


This week we start taking notes in basic Markdown on GitHub and connect with others doing the Boost. Then we go over the core applications that must be installed next week: bash shell, a good terminal, and Podman desktop.

  1. Create a GitHub account
    1. Pick a good, short, memorable name suitable for work
    2. Find and follow some other friends from Boost
    3. Create a private repo to contain notes from Boost with
  2. Learn basic Markdown
    1. Focus on one best way for consistency
    2. Practice using your new in repo of notes
    3. Started taking notes from GitHub GUI
  3. Install bash
    1. Install git-bash on Windows
    2. Install brew and then brew install bash on mac
  4. Install a better terminal application
    1. Install Windows Terminal Preview on Windows
    2. Install iTerm2 on Mac
    3. Customize themes and colors to your preferences
    4. Perhaps install and explore VSCode a bit to see as well
  5. Install Podman Desktop (with WSL2 extension if prompted)
    1. Start exploring podman command from terminal