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2023 Boost - Week 0#


Welcome to the 2023 Beginner Boost! Officially, the first technical content will be Week 1 (next Saturday) but here we go over why you might want to do the Boost, who it is for, the goals and motivation for doing it, the schedule, and what you'll need to begin.

00:00 Start
0:28 Logistics.
2:00 Streaming schedule outside of the boost.
2:37 Best way to support the beginner boost.
4:38 Content that will be produced across YouTube and Twitch.
9:45 What is skilstak?
15:15 May the 4th be with you.
15:57 Nature of learning.
17:56 Paulo Freire.
36:15 Sir Ken Robinson.
37:25 Aaron Swartz.
52:00 Break 1.
54:25 Discuss Boost schedule, and boost Discord.
58:00 Podman desktop.
1:00:26 Installing Linux on hardware is not included in this boost.
1:01:48 Docker desktop.
1:04:17 Difference between a virtual machine and container.
1:07:28 Hardware requirements.
1:10:16 Content overview for the boost.
1:43:00 Targeted careers.
2:00:04 Legal usage.
2:01:21 RWX method.
2:26:24 What to do next.
2:33:21 Recap.