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Planning notes#

Sunday, February 25, 2024, 12:30:47PM EST#

  • No calendar, just regular time
  • 20 min homework review + 3x40 with 6 minute breaks + 20 min homework assign + 2 min raid
  • Focus on habitual streaming times (pm, sunsets, etc.)
  • Consistent time for Beginner Boost (only): Sundays, noon-3pm
  • Multi-stream to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Kick
  • Need to get scene switcher board (probably StreamDeck)?
  • Start Restream to YouTube and hit "Record" at beginning of each block, then upload to YouTube
  • It's actually easier to livestream raw content
  • "Make use of mods" for titles and user management
  • Still never going to have chat on the screen
  • Only taking questions during the break
  • Dedicated to Kris Nova
  • Send people away with weekly "homework"
  • Should we have a community-driven/maintained wiki?
  • Always repeat the content of the chat before responding
  • Prioritize good audio media (what if this is podcast only)

Action items:

  • Update !boost command (and all commands)