YAML Ain’t Markup Language

YAML is one of the declarative markup languages for representing and serializing structured data. YAML is the dominant language of this type when a human will be regularly working with the data, which is why YAML is used extensively in both Docker and Spigot Minecraft server configuration files.

[JavaScript Object Notation / JSON]
[Tom’s Obvious Markup Language / TOML]

Tools for YAML

All modern languages have stuff for dealing with YAML.

yq is currently the only tool for dealing with YAML in Bash scripts.

💢 yq is very poorly written in Python 2 and not only requires a sub-process to use but also requires a very heavy and outdated Python interpreter. It is a stark contrast from the absolute elegance and blistering speed of jq itself, which it simply wraps.

Someone needs to port yq to Rust or Go!

[Yes, I will do it myself eventually if I really must.]