SkilStak has 12 workstations currently. You are assigned a workstation at the beginning of a course, camp, or Meetup. You will have your own account on that workstation for the duration.

Workstations are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis and cannot be changed without making arrangements with someone at another one.

Each workstation is identical in every way except the location.

Choosing Your Workstation

It's up to you to pick a good workstation. Make sure the location meets your learning style and needs. If there is any question consider a different class that has a better workstation for you available.

SkilStak Workstations

Please take vision into consideration when signing up. Those in the back (8, 9, 10) and side rooms (11, 12) are welcome to sit on folding chairs with laptops in the main room when needed, but will often have to return to their workstation four times a lesson (once for each module).

Also remember that most all modules have video of the demo portion available as well.

💬 Originally we limited class size to seven, the main room only, but have since decided (after talking with members) to open the five workstations in the other rooms as well and just make sure the person knows that when registering.

Leave It Cleaner Than You Found It

"What if I leave something at SkilStak?"

You are responsible to make sure your workstation is clean and organized when you leave and that you do not leave anything behind.