“Why not Windows or Mac?”

A SkilStak we are focused 100% on becoming the best full stack engineers we can be. That means throwing out Windows and Mac as soon as possible because they are objectively inferior for such work. The industry completely agrees on this. Most Web documents and apps — and all containers — are served from or hosted on Linux machines. This makes having a Linux workstation a core requirement for any FSE.

💢 After unveiling that the core kernel of Windows will now have a built in Linux virtual machine that is nearly native and can run any Linux distribution, and after finally fixing the 30-year-old broken Windows terminal, Microsoft owes the entire Linux community a big fat apology for all the crap they said about Linux for decades. They are now trying to change their tune and embrace Linux legitimately because they have finally realized how ridiculously superior Linux has always been to the Windows architecture. Instead they announced it in 2019 like it was them revealing to the world how amazing this new thing they are adding is.

⚠️ Windows and Mac have also had the largest security flaws in history, intentionally and regularly violate the privacy of their customers, and are founded on the completely unsustainable planned obsolescence business model.

When to Use a Mac

Macs dominate sound engineering. The sound internals of the Mac hardware and operating system are absolutely amazing. This is why the world’s leading sound engineering software is Mac only. If you are a DJ you must have a Mac.

If you are a professional using the best video editor on the planet, Final Cut Pro then you have no choice.

When to Use Windows

Windows dominates 3D gaming and simulation. SolidWorks — arguably the best 3D engineering software — only works on Windows as with many games. To Microsoft’s credit they invented 3D on the PC with DirectX and Apple has never quite caught up.

It’s important to note that ultra-high-end 3D modelling systems in Hollywood are almost always for Linux and Blender, developed on Linux, remains the leading mainstream 3D modelling package.

“What about Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator / Premiere?”

Learning these tools is not part of becoming a full-stack engineer. You should always partner with an actual designer or graphic artist when producing such things. You can still be both, but use the right tool for the job.

If you are a professional designer first and foremost it still makes sense to stick with a high-power Windows machine if you want to be a user of Adobe products, which are very nice through the their cloud.

💬 I actually have a Mac Pro and Adobe Cloud subscription as well for doing such work.

But if design is not your primary job Adobe products are no longer reason enough to just buy Mac or Windows. In fact, support is often superior and many illustrators actually prefer the free Krita, Inkscape, Gimp, and Kdenlive over Adobe products.

People don’t care how you produce, only that you do.