“Why no phone number?”

Phones are one of the least efficient — and most intrusive — forms of human communication. For me they make zero sense because I am either mentoring, writing, or coding most hours of the day. Not only could I not answer the phone, but I cannot even look at the text messages that arrive.

Use Email Instead

Instead, always use email. The efficiencies of having a Terminal Master Workflow make this the best way to contact me.

Remember that you can compose an email with speech from every brand of SmartPhone these days. Perhaps that will make it easier when stuck in traffic and such.

Email also gives me a searchable “paper trail” of information that I can use later to help remember all that is going on.

Or Face-to-Face

Any other time we need to communicate should generally be face-to-face. We can get more done in 30 minutes of in-person conversation here or at Summit than could ever be accomplished by phone.

But If You Absolutely Have To …

If phone is literally the only way you have to communicate with me then I can set an appointment to call you if you request one through email.