Why aren't you on Facebook?

I'm afraid this has to be a serious answer.

I am grateful for Facebook. Because of it I was able to get support from family and distant friends during some of the toughest moments of my life.


Facebook has regularly violated its own commitment to the privacy of its users and been the single greatest tool used by the malicious to co-opt the hearts and minds of otherwise good people.

People I love have been personally affected by it. I've been infected by it. I have watched them change over time as they were influenced over and over again by lies that no amount of snopes.com could correct. I have read their words in shock calling for the hands of shoplifters to be cut off and have been personally attacked by disgusting human beings emboldened by the climate of hate and intolerance spreading like cancer across our country. These people, often kind-hearted and religious to begin with, often did not start out that way but—for whatever reason—grew to accept the lies and poison and shut out any objectivity as if infected with a zombie virus.

Russia did hack America. This is a well established fact that is documented in Pulitzer-worthy coverage in the Viceland Cyberwar series.

Facebook nearly destroyed America. I just cannot support it at all despite the courageous admission of the problem and work to remedy the damage done to our society. In many ways it is like trying to fix our mass-shootings problem after providing easy gun access for decades with thousands already dead.

Some will claim it wasn't Facebook's fault, but some also claim gun sellers have no fault as well. Perhaps, but that much power—the power to destroy a soul and mind—must be handled more responsibly. We all have a right to "life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness" as we see it.

Twitter is quickly degrading as well when the president of our country uses it to bully against Twitter's own terms of service. We must start viewing social media as a potential weapon of mass destruction when it is controlled by the wrong people.