VimScript is a special language that usually is found in your .vimrc file or Vim plugins for syntax highlighting and the like. While understanding enough to update your .vimrc is useful more is unnecessary.

Unless you are writing the world’s next amazing syntax highlighting Vim tool you just do not need to learn VimScript. It is never worth it. Learn Bash or a compiled utility language like Go or Rust instead. Then learn to use !! and !} and !G instead. Those are the only ‘shortcuts’ anyone ever needs to learn and they are compatible with vi as well as vim. As an added bonus, you can use your transformational functions and utilities everywhere, not just from Vim.

💢 Most people who obsess over VimScript are time-wasting bike-shedders — especially those who go on to “discover” EMACS and how easy it is to write modular plugins for it. You are missing the entire point of the UNIX philosophy!