Typing / Keyboarding

Typing — formally called keyboarding — is one of the most important skills anyone will ever learn. Typing is currently the fastest and most accurate way for humans to reliably input information into a computer or other device.

Elon Musk once discussed the “ridiculously slow” nature of the “human output interface” when explaining how humans are “already cyborgs” and ways we can hope to keep up with rate of AI advancement.

Importance of Home Row

While many “get by” with keyboarding using hunt-n-peck — including more than one rather famous novelist — technologists simply do not have the luxury of typing this way. Intuitive feel for home row is the best chance you have of ever being able to reliably hit the very distance characters above the numbers that are used constantly when coding.

Vim Dependency

Vim was created before arrow keys and the mouse even existed. But the user of home row that Vi/Vim require goes much farther. The set -o vi turns your Bash terminal command line history into a big invisible document that you are editing and navigating as if with Vi. Lynx, Mutt, and dozens more terminal tools use “Vim bindings” including “Evil Mode” in Emacs if you insist on it.

The point is you cannot escape use of Vi if you want to become a terminal master and that includes seriously and fully mastering home row.