A title marks a notable point in your learning. Titles have been chosen from those in the industry. Titles stack. Each title requires from 200 to 400 hours of work. When fully composed the capstone title, Full Stack Engineer, takes about 2200 hours. To truly master all the disciples involved will take 10 times that amount. You could have a career specialized in any single area.

image of title stack

Each title has its own list of requirements some of which overlap with other titles. All require the core Coder skills and knowledge:

  • Coder - empowered to code for fun and profit
  • Developer - can develop larger applications with more code
  • Technician - can build Mac, Windows, and Linux workstations
  • Front End Developer - can build reactive web applications in Vue
  • Back End Developer - can build databases, APIs, and containers
  • Full Stack Developer - combines front and back end development
  • Linux Engineer - can build, support, and architect Linux systems
  • DevOps Engineer - can deploy GitLab, Docker, and Kubernetes
  • Security Engineer - can detect and correct Linux security holes
  • Full Stack Engineer - the combination of everything

The Technologist title is separate (but valuable) and can be worked on simultaneously:

  • Technologist - an active, informed member of the tech community

Many have gone on to pursue the following titles from the industry and at college:

  • Systems Analyst
  • Network Support Technician
  • Windows Server Administrator
  • Systems Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Electronic Engineer
  • Digital Engineer
  • Data Scientist

Most of these titles require extensive math and core educational requirements that are best learned from a more traditional organization.