A terminal has come to mean a text user interface to a computer. Most terminal users will spend most of their time on the command line but will also use non-command line, text-based applications such as Vim.

Terminal Masters

Terminal Masters are those who use the terminal for as much as possible. Most are primarily laptop users. They seek, crave, and create terminal applications.

Fastest Technologists in the World

Terminal masters will always be at least 10 times faster than those bound to any graphic interface. It’s just physics. Masters can search something out on the Web in 10 seconds that takes an average graphics user at least three minutes to find and do it with 1/100th the RAM and CPU utilization.

Given just the amount of searching an average technologist does in a day – not to mention sifting through email – terminal mastery should be mandatory learning for any aspiring technologist.

😕 There are many mediocre technologists who can’t be bothered by the trouble it takes to master the terminal. I’ve know many my entire life – and watched many get laid-off.

Like a professional pianist who first fully masters scales, a home-row terminal master with properly configured command-line apps appears like a virtuoso compared to other try-hard peers.

Terminal Master Race

The terminal master race is a joke reference and sub-race of Linux Master Race which are both plays on the well-memed PC master race popularized by gamers on Reddit.

While terminal users definitely (jokingly) look down upon those bound to a graphical user interface no actual racism is implied. 🙂 For those concerned about the non-meme-informed muggles who don’t get the joke perhaps terminal master or master of the terminal is more appropriate.

Terminal Master Workflow

The terminal master workflow is objectively the most efficient way to do anything involving development and operations. It isn’t easy, but once obtained these skills will project your performance far above most of your peers. You’ll win every timed coding and cyber-competition.

For decades this workflow has been something of a secret passed on from master to apprentice (as it was to me). As far as I know, the entire approach has not been documented in one place, perhaps because of the level of personalization usually involved. After all, this workflow makes the computer work for you, not you for it.

  1. Find a computer to use temporarily.
  2. Sign up for the following services in order:
    1. protonmail.com
    2. namecheap.com
    3. gitlab.com
    4. github.com (mirroring and visibility)
  3. Get a Linux Mint Cinnamon bootable USB.
  4. Find a computer (preferably laptop).
  5. Install and configure:
    1. Linux Mint Cinnamon
    2. Git
    3. Vim
    4. Tmux
    5. ProtonMail Bridge
    6. ProtonMail VPN
    7. Mutt
    8. Lynx
    9. IRSSI
    10. KeePassXC
    11. Pandoc
    12. Muffet
    13. KN^3
  6. Customize Bash
  7. Setup a private configuration repo.

Unfortunate Graphic Application Dependencies

  1. Install and configure:
    1. Google Chrome
    2. Discord
    3. Slack (if required)

Notable Intentional Omissions

Terminal Cynics

A lot of inexperienced, slow, graphics-using tech script-kiddies will try and convince you that this stuff is all just “old fashioned.” Thankfully the overwhelming number of young, intelligent, discerning people discovering, using, and improving these workflows would laugh in their faces if they ever took the time. Most terminal masters are 10x engineers are too busy getting stuff done to be bothered by what other 1st-levels have to say.

Terminal Use is Not Old Fashioned

Those who will say Lynx is just old-fashioned simply don’t have the experience to understand the efficiencies of a terminal master workflow. They also don’t know or care about those who cannot use their site who are blind.

I continue to discover young terminal masters who use Lynx, having even updated the https://developer.mozilla.org to include it (before I added my two-cents).

Ironically as soon as a mediocre technologist sees someone operating a terminal by sheer force of will they immediately want to learn to do it, like watching Dumbledore.

Graphics Shortcut Masters

Terminal masters have a respected peer group in the set of superior graphics artists who use the mouse only for what is needed and shortcuts for everything else.

This is also why Gnome is the superior desktop environment.