Really Stupid Stuff

Ok, I confess this is mostly just a place for me to write these down and move on, sort of a get-it-out-of-my-system thing. Maybe someone will actually avoid or question something from it.


Mire of the Moronic

There is so much complete and utter stupidity in the world that learning to identify it, prioritize what can be fixed, and move on is a seriously important skill to learn, for both professional and personal well-being. It’s really easy to get bogged down in the mire of the moronic.

My Own Really Stupid Stuff

By the way, I certainly have contributed my own fair share to the stupidity of humanity. I suppose it’s part of the human experience. That’s why I am so grateful for people who’ve shown me how stupid something was – even if I thought otherwise until they convinced me.

Stop Being So Easily Offended

Learning to consider all new information – without personal offense – and seek objective truth is essential. It’s the very basis of science. Dogma – believing something because you are too invested in it to admit you are objectively wrong – is the true evil.

No Explanation Necessary

This isn’t a page for full explanations of why this stuff is stupid, it’s just pointing out that it is stupid. I refused to be JAQed off. As time permits I do plan to circle back and flesh out the conclusions that lead to a thing being included here.