Stop Being So Offensive

In our world of brief text communication no amount of emojis — or “I’m just sayin’” — is ever going to solve this problem. People will misunderstand. People will be offended. In such a dangerous state of human communication there is simply no room for even implied personal offensive behavior. Those who purposefully and personally attack another make everyone overly paranoid about being attacked themselves — even when no actual personal attack was intended. Do everyone a favor and, as Reddit says, “attack ideas, not individuals.” If you attack the idea, the person can walk away from it. If you attack the person, they can’t.

[Stop Being So Offended]

Is That Really Trolling?

Trolling actually has a name. It’s a thing people do — sometimes purposefully but also accidentally. But there is a very big difference between intentional trolling and being perceived to be a troll because you challenge someone’s deeply held ideas and beliefs.

What About Pure Evil?

I happen to think that sometimes pure evil needs to be called out for what it is. Sometimes that evil is incarnated in a human. What do we do in that case?

That is one of the most important questions humans have ever asked. I certainly do not have the answer. But I do know that pure evil must not be allowed to persist and that it automatically seeks to destroy any opposition at all costs. Humanity never fares well at such times and sometimes millions die.

All I can say is that we have to do all we can to keep such evil from reaching such proportions. Perhaps more vigilant attacks on the evil ideas that come to consume humans will prevent more humans from being overcome by the disease in the first place. To me this means we must not back down from horrible ideas and wage war on these ideas before they become incarnated in people who take collateral damage because they have become the idea.

Such is the case, for example, with the entire Alt-Right movement and practically everything Trump has ever done.