SkilStak Priority Score

Your SkilStak priority score is a measure of your priority compared to other members. This is an objective way to decide between two members when a decision must be made about who has priority — for anything.


💬 I have never liked the first-come-first-serve idea. It eliminates those who might otherwise deserve a spot much more than even existing members. It might seem unfair initially to some, but ultimately it is the most objective way to decide who has priority.

Priority Score Point Values
Name Points Explanation
Age 20/year How old you are.
Seniority 2/session How long you have been here.
Unexcused -50/time Just deciding not to show up.
Punctuality -20/time More than 5 minutes early or late.
Payment -200/incident Needing any reminder to pay.
Values -500/incident Violation of core values.

Everyone starts with 400 points for free as a cushion of forgiveness for the occasional violations.


Older members get a very slight priority.


Seniority represents how much you attend.


Just deciding not to show up — or forgetting to show up — is pretty damn rude. You keep doing that in life and people will find reasons to fire you, they just won’t tell you so to your face.

💢 This is the biggest reasonable penalty I can place on rudeness. Frankly I wish I could raise it much higher. I hate when people leave me hanging. It wastes the very little time I have to manage the business and develop new material and apps.


Arrive no earlier that five minutes before and no later than five minutes after the hour — unless you have made special arrangements in advance. Punctuality is particularly important here because disruptions can seriously affect the pace and learning of another if you are not.

It is always better to take a push-out rather than show up 15 minutes late.


Failing to pay for any reason by the noted time is inexcusable. Life affects all of us. My margins are so ridiculously low that I simply cannot tolerate any missed payment or bounced check at all.

Bounced checks come with a $75 fee as well.

Some claim this unfairly punishes a member for the “sins” of the parents. Sorry, that’s how it goes. No amount of mercy will correct the real financial consequences I face when payments are missed — which is extremely rare, by the way.


A values violation is the quickest way to be kicked out and the most damage you can incur to your Priority score. Most of the time — unless you are a very senior member with a lot of Priority accrued — one violation of this will get you immediately dismissed with no refund.

All of the following have happened over the years — and yes, a few were removed for them:

Any member who has ever received a Values violation and been removed is permanently banned from re-application.

“What happens if my Priority score goes below zero?”

Those below zero can and will be removed without explanation or refund. No one with a Priority score below zero can re-enroll. And there is no way to recover lost points. In other words, take this seriously. I do.

“Why so harsh?”

Because the world is. This stuff is tame compared to what will be expected of you as a professional — or even to be a member of any sports team. Better you make these mistakes and learn your lessons with me rather than when it can destroy your reputation and opportunities. Reputation is your currency in the gig economy.

💬 If it helps, think of joining SkilStak as making it onto your favorite sports team. It takes just as much attention, dedication, personal responsibility, and work to remain a member of our team as any other — you’re just building your brain here instead of destroying it.