Setting Up the Vim Terminal Editor

Here’s how to setup Vim based on how I currently use it. All you need to do is clone the SkilStak Configuration Vim project repo and run install. Even if you have your own Vim configuration you might like to review mine for ideas — particularly setting up Vim Plug package manager.

But First …

Step by Step

Change into the repos directory.

cd repos

You can either just clone it publicly.

Cloning Public Read-Only Project Repos

git clone

Or you can use the SSH version

Cloning Public and Private Read-Write Project Repos

git clone

Now check to make sure you have it.


Once you have the vim/ directory from cloning it you can change into it and run the install script.

cd vim
E185: Cannot find color scheme solarized
Press ENTER or type command to continue.

Press enter. The errors are because it is installing the plugins for the first time even though your .vimrc is trying to use them. You don’t need to worry about that.

Now open anything with vim and you should have solarized colors. You may still need to setup a solarized terminal.

Forking Your Own Copy of Vim Repo

As you become more advanced you will want to customize your own copy of the Vim repo. At that point forking it so you have your own copy is better because the changes you make will be saved only to your copy and you can still update if the upstream repo is ever changed in a way that you also want to add.