Setting Up GitLab on a Workstation

Here’s how to setup a GitLab client on any workstation that can run a Bash shell terminal environment.

But First …

  1. Setting Up Git on a Workstation
  2. GitLab is Far Superior to GitHub
  3. Opening a Bash Terminal Command Line

Step by Step

First you should create a repos directory to keep everything organized.

Now you’ll need to setup your ssh keys so that GitLab knows about you.

First create your keys.

Now we need to give your public key to GitLab so they know about you. Then they won’t ask you for a password every time you use ssh to commit and push to GitLab.

After you have give your public key to Gitlab you can test your connection from the command line.

Looks like you are ready to either create your first project repo and clone and existing one to your workstation.

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