Setting Up Custom Email on ProtonMail

ProtonMail is not only the best philosophical choice for an email provider but also the most practical. Setting up a custom email is both simpler and cheaper than Google. Here’s how.

But First …

Step by Step

Login to ProtonMail.

Click on Settings in the top right.

Click on Dashboard in the left sidebar.

Review the different plans. You need to have at least Plus to have a custom domain.

Click on Switch to Plus (for example) to upgrade.

It’s always cheaper to sign up by year.

Once you have at least a Plus account find Domains in the left side bar and click it.

Click on Add Custom Domain.

Enter your domain and click Next.

Follow the step up to at least SPF. You might not understand them all but that is ok.

In another tab open Netlify and click Settings and then Domain management in the left sidebar.

Find your domain and click on Netlify DNS.

Under DNS Records find your domain, again, and click on it. ]

You should see the Add new record button.

Now. Go back to ProtonMail and proceed by adding each of the records ProtonMail asks for.

For each record (most of which are TXT) add the appropriate record in your Netlify domains.

You do not really need to do DKIM and DMARC, but the others are pretty easy.

You might want to forward your Gmail to ProtonMail seamlessly.