SkilStak Session Notes

Every member mentoring session is logged with semi-public notes. Members are shown how to look them up but nothing is stopping anyone else from looking them up as well. No personally identifying information is ever saved in notes. These notes are separate from what members maintain on their own in their private codebooks. Notes are brief, bulleted and organized into consistent sections. It is absolutely critical members and their sponsors consistently check these notes.


This section contains important announcements. Keep in mind this section is the only method of communicating sometimes critical announcements. Those who miss them will simply miss out.


This section contains line item summaries of what a member reports to have done since the last session. There is no judgement here. You did what you did. That’s all. Life happens. Asking you to report simply helps you hold yourself accountable to yourself. When your progress seems faster than at other times this will explain why.

Lying — or even exaggerating — about what you have done will result in a serious VIP penalty.


This is the main session capturing references to what we did during the session. Notes are brief to not detract from the session as much as possible but enough to job memories after we conclude.

Linked Learning Content

Rather than duplicate the same notes about the same concepts and projects for everyone I simply link to the article or project here on This allows me to leverage the consistency for everyone. Learning content grows dynamically and organically as needed to cover new questions and explanations in session.


The closest thing to homework, this section captures what you intend to do before the next session so we can review before the next.


This section contains reminders of stuff we discussed and decided needs should probably be covered next session.