Schedule Calendar

weekly schedule

I am currently full but always available for application interviews. An interview is required for acceptance onto the waiting list. The interview provides an opportunity for everyone to assess if SkilStak is a good fit. If accepted, I can go over several things that can be done independently while waiting for a time slot including getting familiar with a loaner Linux laptop. Those accepted may also join our private chat server and, of course, review our open curriculum. Please contact me to schedule an interview during any available time on the schedule but Sunday is generally preferred.

About Summer

Summer is coming and a few things will be different this year:

  • no specific camps per se,
  • design-your-camp opportunities,
  • regular lessons also continue,
  • register for Fall in advance to hold spot,
  • unlimited push-outs for returning members,
  • maximum number increased.

No Specific Summer Camps

While anyone can organize their own Summer Camp to learn the following there is no specific schedule for them leaving the opportunity for anyone to design their own camp based on any of the material I teach:

  • can I haz memes introduction to programming
  • 2D HTML5 Phaser3 Game Development (the new Flash),
  • defensive and offensive cybersecurity (hacking),
  • Raspberry Pi projects including tech geocaching,
  • Minecraft server creation, configuration, and Linux hosting,
  • Linux Bash shell scripting,
  • Discord bot development in Go, Node.js, and Python,
  • 3D game development with SDL2 in Rust,
  • building your own Kubernetes DevOps cluster,
  • progressive web and native apps with Vue.js.

Regular Limit of Two Upped to Six

During the Summer parking and driving are not as big of an issue and therefore the regular limit of two per session/class/camp is increased to six allowing families and friends to organize their own camps.

This also dramatically reduces the cost of a 16-hour block (for camps that is usually around 3 hours per day):

  • $800 - 1 person
  • $600 - 2 people
  • $400 - 3 people
  • $300 - 4 people
  • $240 - 5 people
  • $200 - 6 people

Those planning camps can sign up and pay for one person at a minimum and add people to their camp before the actual day reducing the overall cost.

Regular Lessons Continue During Summer

Regular weekly lessons are assumed to continue for those already registered in Summer. No need to worry about losing a spot unless you are taking a Summer break.

Early Fall Registration to Hold Spot

Those currently attending who want to take a Summer break but hold their spot need to register and pay in advance at least one month before their final block session.

Unlimited Push-Outs in Summer

I've decided rather than worrying about scheduling a family vacation that all my regulars can enjoy a worry free Summer and still register by providing unlimited push-outs. Have a family vacation come up? No problem. Just push it out into your Fall schedule and enjoy it without worry.

While it is possible to push-out the entire Summer I do hope most will find at least half of the Summer they are able to attend.

June Slots Opening

In June some of our community members will be giving up their time slots as they head off to college and boarding school. If any of these times interest you please let me know as soon as possible so we can lock them down for you:

  • Tuesday 7-8pm
  • Saturday 5-6pm

Empty space is available for new sign-ups and paid make-ups. The plus square in the bottom right of the calendar will add it to your own.

Do you have a waiting list?

Yes. If you find a preferred time is not available contact me to have your name added to the wait list schedule. You can be added to the wait list even if you have signed up for another time so that you can change times if and when that time becomes available.

When is SkilStak closed?

I close for extreme weather, personal emergencies, and the following holidays:

  • Day of Thanksgiving
  • Day of Christmas
  • New Year's Day
  • Day of July 4th

Other scheduled closures may be added to the calendar for field trips, conferences, and more but are very rare. When my personal holiday plans conflict I will work them out individually with those affected.

Free Push-Outs

As a convenience and holiday gift the period four days before or after any nationally or religiously recognized holiday is automatically eligible for free push-outs that will not count against your maximum of two per block. I will, however, usually be available to have lessons during those times for those who can make it.

What about Spring break?

Unfortunately no one has the same Spring break schedule so it is impossible to cover the same way as a holiday. This is one reason the floating push-outs are available.

What about the weather?

Unscheduled closures for weather cannot be predicted and are always posted immediately. I try to notify everyone on the day of the unschedule closure but cannot always reach everyone. Please check the site and/or Twitter feed to be sure.

⚠️ Even if we are open, the decision about the safety conditions of roads and such to get here should be taken into consideration. When in doubt, stay safe and push-out.

What about make-ups because of a closure?

Everyone scheduled on days of a closure will automatically have their scheduled lessons pushed out one week. No make-up is needed.