SkilStak Calendar and Scheduling

Each enrolled member gets a private copy of their schedule which can be loaded into their own preferred calendaring app or service.

🎉 The following permanently reservable prime-time slots are now available. Contact me to schedule an application interview:

Reserved Prime-Time Slots Available
Day Time Frequency Cost
Monday 8-9pm 1 hr weekly for 16 weeks $800 solo
Thursday 4-5pm 1 hr weekly for 16 weeks $800 solo
Friday 6-7pm 1 hr weekly for 16 weeks $800 solo
Sunday 1-2pm 1 hr weekly for 16 weeks $800 solo

Some other 12-4pm weekday time slots are also available. Contact for details.

[Schedule and Calendar FAQ]
[Why No Registration System?]

Upcoming Closures

Hours of Operations

I am generally available by email all week from 8am to 10pm. Reserved times for enrolled members must fall within the following times.

Weekday Times Hours
Monday 12-9pm 9
Tuesday 12-9pm 9
Wednesday 12-9pm 9
Thursday 12-9pm 9
Friday 12-9pm 9
Saturday 8-10am, 12-7pm 9
Sunday 12-6pm 8

I also accept ad hoc adult sessions (18+) between 9-10pm.

Enrollment Availability

Send me an email to schedule a call to discuss enrollment availability.

Ad Hoc Sessions

Anyone approved into the community can schedule an ad hoc private session anytime there is an open hour.

Often ad hoc hours are available when members push out a reserved slot.

In addition, the 9-10pm time slot is always reserved for adults 18 years of age and older who need ad hoc mentoring or consulting.

Contact me directly to discuss available times and schedule a session.