SkilStak Schedule and Calendar FAQ

“Why schedule time at SkilStak?”

There are many reasons to schedule time at SkilStak. Let’s start with those that are free of charge (for one hour):

People read that last one and say, “What about competition?”

The following have price tags:

“Are all the time slots filled?”

Usually, but I do have a waiting list.

“Why no semesters?”

Because they’re stupid.

SkilStak is not a school and mastery is fluid. Learning doesn’t politely organize itself into divisions of the year. The idea of a “semester” is not based on any research whatsoever. Semesters exist only to help administrators stuff large groups of 8-400 students into single classes to save money at the expense of actual learning. I won’t have any part of that massively broken educational model.

“What about Summer?”

Unlimited push-outs.

Everything else is the same as any other time of the year.

“So no Summer camps?”


But you can move some of your sessions around to fill available slots during the day.

The reason for this is that a significant number of members want to sign up while back from college or when school isn’t in the way. Some members even triple-up their session load during the Summer.

“So regular sessions continue during summer?”


That’s the only way to hold your spot, but the No-Worries Summer policy allows you to theoretically push-out the whole Summer until Fall if needed.

“Do you have a waiting list?”


If you find a preferred time is not available contact me to have your name added to the wait list schedule. You can be added to the wait list even if you have signed up for another time so that you can change times if and when that time becomes available.

“When does SkilStak close?”

I close for extreme weather, personal emergencies, field trips, occasional conferences, and the following holidays:

When I close, those affected will be personally notified through the contact email I have on file and will be automatically pushed-out

“Do you have make-ups?”

Yes and no.

I call them push-outs to be more specific.

“What is a push-out?”

Like a “snow day”.

I take the pushed-out session and add it to the end of your block. It is the only way to make up for a missed regular session because the schedule is usually entirely full.

“How many push-outs do I get?”

Two per block plus free ones for holidays and Summer.

Anyone with a session within four days of any national or religious holiday can push out without penalty. The No-Worries Summer Policy also allows unlimited push-outs for the months of May, June, July, and August.

“What about Spring break?”

Nothing special. Use one of your two free push-outs if you like.

Unfortunately no one has the same Spring break schedule so it is impossible to cover the same way as a holiday. This is one reason the floating push-outs are available.

“What about the weather?”

I close only for the most extreme weather.

Unscheduled closures for weather cannot be predicted and are always posted immediately. I try to notify everyone on the day of the unscheduled closure but cannot always reach everyone. Please check the site.

One reason I stay open — as long as I have power — is because so many members live literally a block away and are often off of school leaving SkilStak something productive they can still do during the closure.

⚠️ Even if we are open, the decision about the safety conditions of roads and such to get here should be taken into consideration. When in doubt, stay safe and push-out.

“Don’t you ever take time off?”

Yes, but not much.

When I do take time off I inform those affected personally and we just push-out the days affected. While the schedule I maintain is truly exhausting it’s really no different from that which many other motivated individuals follow in their own occupations. The core difference is that I get to welcome members into my home for their learning saving a tremendous amount of time and energy. I simply couldn’t do this if I didn’t.

I also have an amazing wife who requires that she take care of our home and yard and all the cooking. (She’s German. They’re like that.)