The true tag line for

The true tag line for is the best online coding sandbox out there right now. It currently supports more than 60 coding languages. is ideal for those wanting to get a quick sample of a language or code something quickly without access to a proper workstation. However, it is horrible and dangerous for actual development.

That last one is really bad. It is a deal killer for most schools. If a school (or entire district) is stupid enough to get iPads for everyone without really upping the Internet stability and speed (as almost every one of them is) they is not the option it proclaims itself to be. demands a highly responsive and stable Internet connection. Few schools have this (as I learned the hard way.)

And, by the way, if you are a self-proclaimed professional using nothing more than Well, you won’t pass the first 10 minutes of most job interviews.

“How do you plan on coding while on an airplane or from a coffee shop with spotty wifi?”

“Duhhhhhhh, ummmmm.”

“Call us when you actually know how to code.”