SkilStak Registration

Once you have been interviewed and accepted you can register for sessions. The process is simple and personal.

  1. Read over my policies and make sure you agree.
  2. Create a ProtonMail email account if you don’t already have one.
  3. Send an email requesting the weekday time slot you want.
  4. I’ll send you a PayPal invoice containing your member ID number.

Please check that the following information is in your email.

Billing Contact

Member Information

Session Information

Hardware Information

Payment in Full

Payment in full is due before the first day of sessions.

Partial payment is not an option. You can, however, finance through PayPal if you wish. (I have no visibility to that if you do.)

Please note that missing a payment (including bouncing a check) affects your VIP score more than most anything else.

What I Do

There is currently no separate registration fee. Please keep in mind, however, that once your invoice is paid in full I have about 30 minutes of work on my end to prepare.

  1. Enter your information into my database.
  2. Create your dedicated workstation account.
  3. Prepare your rental laptop (if you chose that option).
  4. Create your codeboard GitLab project by member ID.
  5. Add you and your primary contact to the mailing list.
  6. Send you a welcome email with instructions for your first day.
  7. Get you a shirt.

Even though I only have 40-50 members for any given block please consider your decision carefully to help me avoid wasted work. Thanks in advance.

Why No Sign-Up Registration System?

You will never find a sign-up system of any kind here. Such systems unnecessarily complicate the process and remove the human connection when making such arrangements. Instead, call or use email. So many of the world’s problems could be reduced if we all started removing the technology between us (phones, anonymous forums, Twitter, cars, farms).

For what it’s worth, I actually built two different registration systems after using an online system that was just horrible. I even tried to support a company in the local community who had created a system for Soccer registrations but immediately cancelled working with them when they put an image of a mobile flip phone with an antenna image on my main registration page. You tell me, how would you react to that?