Prescient Technology Professional

A PTP is one who demonstrates a nearly clairvoyant awareness of emerging technology combined with the ability to objectively distinguish the trendy and bad technologies from the good. Attaining this professional awareness and skill requires a broad knowledge foundational and commitment to keeping up with modern computing, software, services, and communities. It means listening, researching, writing, and knowing how to optimally communicate with any specific group. It does not require or depend on presentation skills, but they certainly help and are often a natural by product of attaining PTP status.

Path to PTP

This diagram provides an overview which can be used as a map to track one’s progress toward attaining PTP status.

Path to Prescient Technology Professional

Path to Prescient Technology Professional PDF

Go Where the Knowledge Is

Becoming and remaining a PTP requires the unabashed pursuit of knowledge wherever it may be, Twitter, Discord, IRC, Reddit, newsgroups, YouTube, Medium — even deep web sites. Obviously safety and propriety should always be considerations but preoccupation with such things inhibits the growth of many professionals and academics.

“I don’t need a Twitter account. Nothing good happens there.”

Uninformed professionals will often say this. The objective reality is that following certain individuals can provide insight into things no blog or magazine or white paper will produce.

“Tor is for bad people who want to hide their illegal activities.”

Yes it is that, but it’s also the gateway to the intellectual deep web where some of the most critical, open thinking humanity has ever produced is being openly discussed and debated.

“Discord is for gamers.”

It sure is. But it also has a far superior chat interface than Slack.

There are many more such truths behind the suggestions.