ProtonMail Email

ProtonMail is the fastest growing, truly secure email service. It also happens to be one way to get a custom email domain ($5/month compared to Google’s $30).

ProtonMail Bridge

The ProtonMail bridge is a free app (which requires Plus or higher), that allows you to use any email app on your computer – notably Mutt.

Web Interface Hypothetical Vulnerability

The ProtonMail bridge overcomes one relatively obscure vulnerability assuming a very hypothetical situation where the owners were forced to hack their own customers to obtain their private keys, something that is against Swiss and international law.

If such a hypothetical did happen, the web interface could potentially be changed without you knowing allowing it to use JavaScript to key-log your typing and send your key passwords to them. Such a violation of ethics would most likely be caught and reported immediately by someone if it were done across the board. But if done on a case-by-case basis it could slip by.

The bridge prevents this hypothetical risk since only you can change what it does and obtaining an open-source version of the bridge – that has been vetted by security professionals.