Here is a summary of optional projects you can work on at SkilStak to demonstrate your skills, in addition to your own, of course. We invite anyone -- student or otherwise -- to help participate in these open source projects.

CAVA: Conversational Assistant, Virtual Agent

CAVA is our standardization of the creation of conversational assistants and virtual agents.

The CAVA design patterns provides the architecture for different compatible framework implementations.

BaseML: Base Markup Language

Base Markup Language is a simplified version of CommonMark and the format for all data on the KnowledgeNet. In much the same way Go revolutionized compilation times by ensuring all source files match a specific format and order (imports at the top for example) BaseML provides a semantic constraint on the knowledge containing in the file removing the need for SEO and search engines altogether. The data is its own metadata.

This project needs compilers created and a formal ABNF specification submitted as well as a sample crawler that can crawl these files and produce searchable indexes based on BaseML semantics.

SOIL: Sustainable, Open, Independent, Learning

SOIL is a grassroots effort to build, standardize, and support a microlearning standard for sustainable, open, interactive, learning specifically to match the intense pace of tech innovation by applying proven practices, tools, and paradigms from the software development industry (such as modules, registries, and version management).

GeoTechCache: Local Technical Geocaching

Geocaching has long been a fun way to get out and explore while learning about your surroundings and history. GeoTechCaching aspires to supplement normal GeoCachine with technical challenges that must be overcome with real tech skills and usually a laptop.

Work on this project involves working with Raspberry Pi, Arduino and other microelectronics to create GeoTechCaches. Each is part of a larger game. Gamers would learn real skills as they pass the different challenges. SkilStak plan to partner with local organizations and vendors for placement of them.