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Saturday Night Meetups
(3 hours, $0/hour)
Discord Chat Invitation
(moderated, code of conduct)
Sunday Club Meetups
(3 hours, $6.67/hour)
Summer Camp Lab Block
(20 total hours, $10/hour)
Weekly Reserved Labs
(16 total hours, $12.5/hour)
30-Lab Pass
(30 total hours, $13.3/hour)
7-Lab Pass
(5 total hours, $14.7/hour)
Drop-In Lab
(1 hour, $20/hour)
Certificate Work Assessment
(per semester work hour)
Course or Camp
(16 total hours, $25/hour)

Passes must be used within one year and are non-transferable. One lab pass can be used to pay for any Sunday Club Meetup as well.