SkilStak Pricing, Costs, and Rates

I’ve priced things around the local going rate of private math tutoring, which is $50/hour in this area.

Type Price Prorate
16 private one-hour weekly sessions $800 $50
1 ad hoc one-hour session $60 $60
monthly member Linux laptop rental $5 $5

Adults are anyone over 18.

“But surely your time worth is more than that?”

Um, yes.

⚠️ There’s no way the following isn’t going to sound arrogant, but it’s worth saying. Skip it if you want.

I happen to know for a fact that my time is probably worth more than twice that.

How do I know?

Well, for starters, I voluntarily left a perfectly good IBM job that was paying more than that and used some of my retirement money – which the government penalized me for – to fund this endeavor entirely myself. My IBM manager literally cried on the phone when I left. She was amazing.

Does that sound like a guy in it for the money?

My priority is to reach the broadest possible demographic and to make the absolute best use of my time. I have kept my rates as low as I can afford by moving and reducing my personal expenses to the minimum to make this experience attainable for as broad a group as possible.

It’s worth mentioning that I’ve been solicited for opportunities for CTO and to lead educational curriculum development at large institutions, including one that was targeted at the entire state of Florida. I’ve served on the advisory boards of several schools including two colleges and one that Obama visited to praise its 1-to-1 computer initiative. My role there was small, but enjoyable. I’ve presented at conferences with rooms filled with hundreds and built and managed the entire virtual world platform for NCTIES and part of ISTE.

I turn these opportunities down because I absolutely know that the true solution requires a one-to-one apprenticeship approach and anything else is a distraction from that. I would rather train a few Jedi wizards and chronicle what we learn here on than provide diluted learning to a larger number of mediocre techs.

💬 Funny story:

One COO seeking to potentially recruit me didn’t even answer my email after I explained I have members who have been learning from me for five years – one of which travels 45 miles each way every week. I asked him,

“Do you think my opportunity to affect change in the lives of those I assist at your company would match that?”


He failed the interview.

I still find it so revealing that he didn’t even respond to that email.

People know the system they are in is horribly broken but only a very few have the courage to do something about it.

I always want to be in the group that is laying it on the line every day to do something about it.