Piece of Writing

As traditional book publishing dies the death it deserves the term piece continues to be used more and more. This term is preferred because it can equally refer to a short story, an academic article, a blog post or any other piece of writing.

I personally love this term because all the others infer some sort of flavor to the writing and carry their own biased interpretations.

For example, if I say I wrote a “blog post” people write it off as just a blog post even though it might be something like so many blog posts have become — especially in an art-directed-blog.

If I call the same thing an “article” it sounds like I am writing for a newspaper periodical or academic journal.

If I use the word “essay” it makes people recoil with bad memories of forced writing assignments from their childhood.

No, “piece” is largely free from all that even if it does make it sound like a work of art — then again, every piece of writing should be considered a work of art, at some level.