Path to Full-Stack Engineer

The title Full-Stack Engineer can be confusing because it is used so differently by so many. It is often confused with Full-Stack Developer, another confusing term for Web developer who codes both the front and back ends. It takes everyone years of experience and constant learning to become an FSE.

Here is one interpretation of what these titles mean and one path of learning, hard work, and mastery to earn them. Based on all the objective statistics and research the best path to begin a tech career is first to become a Web Developer. Everything else can come after that. The Web is the most ubiquitous and available path to personal empowerment through tech. Every other career (tech or otherwise) benefits from having Web development skills.

Printinable PDF of FSE Path Diagram

🙂 It might help to read about some of the most beloved FSEs. My favorite is Betram Gilfoyle. Here’s what he does (rated mature). The beautiful thing about Gilfoyle is that he can do everthing that Danesh does and could even do everything that Richard could think of — if he cared to focus on it.