Mr. Rob

Mr. Rob is me. I founded SkilStak in May 2013 after leaving IBM and taking out some early retirement money to fund it. I continue to devote all much of my professional time to helping this community. The closest title I can come up is the following regular expression:

/^((Found|Teach|Hack)er|(Men|Jani)tor|C\w+O)$/ @skilstak

I do so love a good regex.

Why Do You Have a Page for Yourself?

Beyond the obvious slightly narcissist reason is a sincere motivation to help you answer one question before giving me your money — and more importantly — your trust:

“Who is this guy?”

I ain’t gonna lie. I’d be asking that same question.

The answer is not something I can write in a few paragraphs but hopefully this helps.

I look forward to forging strong community relationships with members and believe the best learning environment starts by knowing something of the person and the professional guiding that learning.

Social Media

The best way to follow me is through my blog here. But I do still occasionally use some social media.

Professional Experience

For my full professional history see my LinkedIn profile which I try to keep updated with the latest contract and other work. Here’s a summary of my work history:

Educational Background