Mr. Rob

Mr. Rob is me. I founded SkilStak in May 2013 after leaving IBM and taking out some early retirement money to fund it. I continue to devote all of my professional time to helping this community. The closest title I can come up with is the following regular expression:

/^((Found|Teach|Hack)er|(Men|Jani)tor|C\w+O)$/ @skilstak

I do so love a good regex.

Why Do You Have a Page for Yourself?

Beyond the obvious slightly narcissist reason is a sincere motivation to help you answer one question before giving me your money — and more importantly — your trust:

“Who is this guy?”

I ain’t gonna lie. I’d be asking that same question.

The answer is not something I can write in a few paragraphs but hopefully this helps.

I look forward to forging strong community relationships with members and believe the best learning environment starts by knowing something of the person and the professional guiding that learning.

Like Matthew Lesko says

“To me this is me inside. And it took so long to bring it out. And I said, I’m on my third business and I’m gonna have fun. You think this is crazy? We’re saving each other lots of time. Cuz I’m probably not gonna like you either. This is who I really am.” (Matthew Lesko)

Mr. Rob

Mr. Rob

Social Media

The best way to follow me is through my blog here. But I do still occasionally use some social media.

Professional Experience

For my full professional history see my LinkedIn profile which I try to keep updated with the latest contract and other work. Here’s a summary of my work history:

Years Employer
2013-now SkilStak
2018-19 Woodlawn
2000-13 IBM
1997-2000 Nike
1994-97 Teleport
1994 FiberNet
1991-94 AmeriRuss
1993 Sterling Scholastic Aides
1991-94 Brigham Young University

Educational Background

I graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelors in Russian and very close to minors in both French and Computers and Linguistics.

While I did not receive honors, I did complete the Honors core program, which was amazing and I draw on to this day — particularly the amazing Honors History course that focused on the archetypes and myths governing cultures historically with emphasis on the work of Joseph Campbell.

I was also a straight-A Calculus student through the 300 levels (but to this day have never used it directly for anything).

I was employed more than 30 hours a week my entire time as a university student usually with two part-time jobs including the following on and off at different times:

Mormon Missionary

I served a foreign language speaking mission in the French West Indies where I was named District Leader and later Assistant to the President for my final six months. I learned to speak French and Creole while there, both of which were mostly self-taught.

😕 It is important that you know I am no longer Mormon. The Mormon church stole 40 years of my life, most of my family, and 10% of all my income that I will never get back.

Among the many horrors I have endured while Mormon and since has been ugly dealings with my Mormon ex-wife and learning that my “Bishop” was arrested for soliciting sex with a minor male. This same man was supposed to be my “advocate” in my Mormon “excommunication court” when I chose “excommunication” over “disfellowship” after cheating with a teacher I fell in love with because my now ex-wife made it very clear her love was contingent on my staying Mormon and making as much money as possible — not teaching.

Against the legal divorce contract, my ex-wife told my sons to never say anything about the fallen “Bishop” to me which would have revealed that they were in very real danger several times — including one time in a private interview that I have documented — where the topic was “homosexuality”. These annual interviews also regularly include discussions about masturbation. This man was also on several scouting trips with my boys and others. I have always felt such interviews were disgustingly wrong.

The Mormons are a dangerous, insidious cult — even more dangerous than Scientology because they are more accepted in mainstream society allowing predators — created partly by the psychosis of Mormon belief — to have access to more victims. I am very lucky to have survived and helped at least one son escape. Next time Mormon missionaries knock on your door, just politely tell them to leave and know that they have no idea how bad the cult is they are peddling.

For fun, ask the missionaries if they even know Joseph Smith translated their precious Book of Mormon by sticking his face in a hat an looking at a “peep stone” he was convicted of using to defraud farmers out of money with way before he “received his visitation from God the Father and his Son, Jesus Christ.”

Or maybe ask them why no Egyptologist on the planet agrees with Smith’s fraudulent translation of the “The Book of Abraham” in which, among other things, Smith literally erased the phallus of Min in the drawings and labeled Min a symbol for “God the Father” instead. I get angry just thinking about it.

I have plenty of other stories. I’ll spare you. If you are over 21 we can go out with friends for drinks sometime and maybe I’ll tell you the rest. I’ve toyed with a (free) book about it, There and Never Back Again.

I carry a lot of bitterness and anger about the 40 years I lost to the Mormon cult. It is a daily struggle to focus on the positive but I like to think I’m doing okay. SkilStak is a great way for me to give back in ways that really matter.

Yoga Training

I completed the hours and all requirements except submitting for the final certificate to become a Yoga instructor at the Ashtanga Yoga Center of Asheville.

Personal Mission

I buy into that whole “what do you want on your tombstone” thing. It’s a fun — and wonderfully macabre — idea.

Mr. Rob fought tirelessly to save the world seeking and helping others learn knowledge, skills, and abilities in the pursuit of truth, bliss, and community. He takes only love, knowledge, and experience on with him now to whatever comes next.

💎 Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. (Nelson Mandela, and he did)

I try to make “ever decision in the service of that.”.