The Mouse as a Human Input Interface

The mouse was invented by Douglas Engelbart and first shown to the world in 1969 at the “mother of all demos”.

Image of the First Mouse from The Mother of All Demos

Image of the First Mouse from “The Mother of All Demos”

“I don’t know why we call it a mouse. I apologize. It started that way and we never did change it.”

Steve Jobs Didn’t Steal the Idea from Xerox!

Ok, he did. But Xerox first stole the idea from Engelbart — except you can’t steal an idea that has been given to the world for free. This is why Engelbart’s work was so much more significant that Steve Jobs could even dream about. Engelbart could have looked down upon how simple and naive Steve was, but he didn’t because he was actually a very great human being — Steve Jobs (who denied his own daughter’s existence for years) was not.

💢 I get frustrated to the point of anger at the amount of complete and utter misinformation regarding the origins of the graphic user interface.