Home Location Address

Our centre d'opérations is my teched-out front room on 428 Beaty kitty-corner from Roosevelt park. Do not send mail to this address (use P.O. Box 384 instead). Also, be careful when parking and avoid driving on anything but driveway or you may get stuck and have to be towed. 😕

⚠️ Please be careful dropping off on Beaty Street or using the driveway and be courteous to our neighbors and community.

Satellite image of SkilStak Location

Navigate using Google maps if you prefer.

I strongly encourage students to bus, walk, bike, or skate to SkilStak. I picked this location for that reason.

Home-Based Business

That's right. SkilStak is a home-based business and doesn't aspire to be much more. Helping people learn has always been easiest on a small scale.