# GNU/Linux

GNU/Linux is the most important operating system in the world right now. It runs everything from traffic lights, to web sites, to ever phone in existence. That's right, some variant of Linux (or UNIX) is at the core of pretty much every device on the planet right now except Windows computers, and even that it changing.

Which Linux Distro Should I Use?

I currently recommend Manjaro Gnome. It is an amazing distro based on Arch Linux which adds a layer of validation and safety to the normal Arch User Repository contributions. Here are the main reasons to use it:

  1. It is easier to use than even Windows or Mac for most.
  2. It is very stable and safe.
  3. It has rolling (evergreen) releases.
  4. It has intuitive software package installation.
  5. It has a very easy installer.
  6. It allows different desktop environments.

What about Ubuntu?

We use Ubuntu Server for our servers since it is the most popular choice for servers (not desktops).

For desktop, Ubuntu also has wide support including official support from Valve. If you don't like the colors consider Linux Mint if you are using it as a desktop.

The problem with Ubuntu as a desktop (besides how ugly the default desktop is) is that there are many different distros just to get a different desktop experience. This dilutes the effort to support the core project (unlike Manjaro).

Linux Server v.s Desktop?

So if you want to enjoy your Linux experience go for a distro that is solid and that you enjoy, then, if you are concerned about keeping up on your skills with other distros create servers that are running them. For example, run Manjaro on your laptop, then maintain two servers at home, one Ubuntu server (the most used server in the world right now) and one CentOS or RedHat (arguably the most used corporate server in the world).


GNU/Linux is the true name of Linux and credits the enormous contribution of Richard Stallman and his project team porting all the commands the software except the kernel which they got from Linus Torvalds once they learned about each other.