Cool places where people born before 1980 used to go to browse for cool stuff to read, listen to, and learn about. You could even take stuff home for free so long as you remembered to bring it back or pay the ridiculously reasonable fines for accidentally “losing” it.

But also files that contain a bunch of code — usually compiled — that can be used or included in programs rather than having to write it all over again.

The term “library” has pretty universally been replaced with “module” or even “package” these days, which makes more sense.

💎 Coders often called these call these “libs” or “shared libraries.”

💬 “Tomes” would have been a much better name. That would have jived with my Harry Potter comparisons so much better. I often say these are like checking out large “tomes” (books) of magical spells that you can use by learning and reciting them. So Math is the “tome” of Math stuff for the JavaScript language.