SkilStak Learning

Learning at SkilStak takes many forms but all of them are founded on one-to-one mentoring — like most music lessons.

When the time is right — and you have read enough here to decide that you’d like to work with me further — go ahead and contact me to setup an application interview.

[“What should I learn?”]
[“How will I learn at SkilStak?”]
[Learning That Keeps Up]


Lurking is a great way to learn. There’s no shame keeping your learning a secret. I get it. I really do. You don’t want your peers to know you are not the master of the universe they think you are. Nothing wrong with that, mostly. I want you to feel welcome — unless you are an aspiring Death Eater or Sith Lord.

💬 By the way, your anonymity is safe with me. You never have to worry about tracking. I do not keep any access logs and think Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are for people with seriously warped priorities. If you offer something worthwhile — and don’t overreach — those who need it will find you. It’s a fundamental law of the Universe.

Private Sessions

If at some point you conclude I might be able offer you something worth paying for then you might be ready for private sessions. A private session is one-on-one or one-on-two and is always held here on location with another adult in an adjacent room (usually my wife).


Standard Weekly Block of Sixteen

95% of current members are doing these. So long as you continue to re-enroll (and don’t get kicked out) this locks your recurring time slot indefinitely on the schedule.

💬 I prefer deep ties with a few over many shallow.

Daily for Five Days

This 15-hour compact block fits that same total time into one work week, usually 9-noon daily. The extra hour is used for follow up or preparation sometime before or after.

💬 Professionals with a week off prefer these.

💎 Science has shown learning happens best when spread out over time. This allows the brain to better process the learning and allows time for other independent learning activities between check-in sessions. Nevertheless, some do not have the luxury and need as much learning and project development as they can get immediately.

Ad Hoc

Ad hoc sessions allow us to focus on something specific from among the things I can help you learn. I’ve helped young and old techies

Ad hoc is often the best kind of learning because usually you have an idea of the thing you want to build in advance. You just need help learning it.

The cost for ad hoc sessions is slightly more to promote organized scheduling but the learning opportunities are essentially the same.


Ad hoc sessions must be here on location but sometimes involved traveling off-location if there is something related (e.g. machine learning meetup, college IT open houses, etc.).

💬 My one attempt at house-calls failed.

Stuff I Used to Do

Although I have attempted the following in good faith, I have found these activities to be far less productive uses of time that could otherwise be spent mentoring individuals who can then potentially do these things themselves producing a distributed viral learning effect. These activities just dilute my effectiveness:

These realizations were prompted by the book Essentialism.