Learning That Keeps Up

The Gig Economy demands the ability to learn quickly and independently and yet no one is teaching this critical skill. Sure you need modern skills — but more importantly you need to master the skills:

You must learn fast enough to meet the immediate, changing demands.

For example, you can hire someone with the critical skills you need one day — but who is horrible at the skill of learning itself — and end up wanting to fire that person within a year when your needs exceed that person’s ability to keep up.

What you really want is a person so skilled in the art and science of learning that your ever-changing needs will never outpace that person’s learning ability. You want an independent, confident, self-motivated learner — who doesn’t make excuses — learning what is required to always be ready. Training such people is my primary mission at SkilStak.

Pair such a person who shares the same mutual internal drive to accomplish the mission of any organization and you have the perfect working relationship.

Just-in-Time Learning

Just-in-time learning is my phrase to refer to the essential skill required for all tech workers to learn what is needed to address an organizational need in the shortest amount of time possible — usually just in time to meet an important milestone. This is “learning that keeps up” in its most critical form and demands personal and professional workflows that provide the most efficiency possible.

Specific Workflows and Technologies to Learn Quickly