SkilStak Learning

Learning at SkilStak is focused on one-to-one mentoring — like most music lessons. This allows me to help each person create an individual development plan and let them lead their own learning while I provide guidance, consulting, motivation, and context.

Some of those I help are already employed in tech jobs, but most are students who feel they aren’t getting what they want from their school or university.

🙂 My Discord chat box frequently serves as a pressure release valve for friends and members who are about to blow up with anger and frustration at the current constraints forced on them by a woefully broken educational system — like …

Unfortunately I could go on and on — and do in my blog.

Everyone must have an application interview to try out for my team of learners. Anyone can try out, but only those anxious and willing to practice and learn will be accepted and you can be cut if you stop. When accepted you represent all of us to others. That matters a lot. It means promising to uphold the values and views that we share even though I welcome challenges to any conclusion or opinion in the spirit of discovery and debate.

Contact me for questions or to schedule an interview.

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