Joining SkilStak

Priority is given to returning members, family members of members, and those demonstrating the highest level of internal motivation and commitment (not necessarily raw aptitude).

I am a strong proponent of equal opportunity for all and have several minorities and members with different mental challenges including Autism. (I have two Autistic sons myself, one by remarriage).

I have watched those who joined SkilStak do amazing things. It continues to be the greatest reason I do this in addition to working professionally. There is nothing more satisfying that seeing members gain the motivation and courage to go out, learn, create, and do things they never thought they could.

I get downright metaphysical when it comes to how people discover what we are doing. Some of the stories defy coincidence (less so now that we have the van). I really believe people are led here when the time is right. Is the time right for you?

Still trying to decide?

Maybe read about learning here and how others have felt about it.

Space is very limited but we do have a waiting list.

How can I join?

The short answer is call or email me to set up a free 30 minute appointment to review your needs.

Most join by signing up for lessons but we welcome anyone willing to respect our views and values freely into our community through chat, social media, or the mailing list as well.

Prices, Cost, Rates

  • 16 private one-hour weekly lessons: $800
  • 16 paired one-hour weekly lessons: $600 each person
  • 1 single one-hour lesson: $60

See the schedule for availability.

See the definition of pairing for more on if and how you can pair.

See my Patreon for contribution rates.


PayPal invoices are sent to everyone but payment may be by cash, check, or credit. Credit must be through PayPal and does not require a PayPal account.

All payment must be received in advance before your slot is reserved.

I do not provide a payment plan of any kind. PayPal has a financing option through their service that you can use if you wish. I have no visibility into it.


Private lessons provide individual mentoring and instruction drawn from a core curriculum available on

Read more about learning from the Learn menu.

Read more about lesson scheduling from the Schedule menu.

Read about make-ups and other policies from the /policy page.

We Welcome Everyone

Don't be shy. We welcome everyone into our community from any background or level from absolute beginners who barely know how to type to local tech professionals and everyone in between.

By the way, coding isn't just for geeks and nerds, or even just boys, a girl invented programming and women are among the strongest technologists in the world. Thankfully more are recognizing this than ever before and its about time.