I Love Words!

Look I know people encounter me and wonder if someone permanently flipped my verbose switch to full but I don’t let it get to me. I love words! I love the power they have to connect in ways that nothing else can. I love the art of forming them in ways that render the complex simple, and the simple, evocative.

I’m quite certain I gained this love of language, words, and writing from my mother, but my father taught me a whimsical couplet that had the word bombastic in it and I was kinda hooked — and sure I’m plenty bombastic myself.

You Better Love Words If Going for Tech

You better damn well enjoy reading — a lot — if you are headed anywhere near tech as a career. The “YouTube generation” might be headed into the work force now but no amount of YouTube videos will cover the learning a full-time tech career requires. Besides, video is sloooooowwwww — yes, even with 4x turned on. Learn to create your own search aliases you call from the command line as a terminal master and you will blow away anyone who has to sit through video to learn.

Done Being Apologetic

I’ve had parents complain about the number of words I use in — well — everything. Yeah, they are gone now. Thank God. No one should ever feel like they need to apologize for over communicating to seek the best clarity and mutual understanding. It has been miraculously freeing to dismiss those who find words tiresome and boring — or worse — are offended that I use so many. Such people have no business in my business.