Guided Learning Projects / Tutorials

A guided learning project, also known as a guided project or just tutorial is focused on a specific, achievable skill or objective. Project-based learning is often another way to refer to learning with tutorials.

💎 A good guided learning project will result in something you can actually show to someone else and call your own. You can then use the results to expand on your own learning projects.

[This is specifically why tutorials on Codecademy are so horribly bad — even if they are popular and free. freeCodeCamp, on the other hand, has you do almost everything on your own projects you have to use and show after completion.]

Similarity to Tutorials

A tutorial or tute is a more colloquial way to refer to guided projects but doesn’t capture the true sense of the thing.

Originally the word tutorial meant a learning session with a small group or individual help by assistants rather than a professor.