Gooligum Microchip PIC Training Board

Gooligum is the maker of an amazing Microchip PIC microcontroller learning board and several accompanying tutorials in both assembly and C. Personally I do not think there is a better way for novices to truly understand how a digital computer works.

The amount of work David Meiklejohn has put into them is absolutely astounding. I consider discovering him one of my greatest successes. We have bought several of his training boards and I highly recommend them.

[My only complaint about the tutorials is how they are named. Contact me if you’d like some ideas about how to convert the names, which I did with a little script to convert the names to slugs and then number them properly for a Linux file system.]

Getting Started

  1. Get a training board.
  2. Get a PICKit3 programmer.
  3. Install the MPLAB X IDE.
  4. Extract if necessary.