GameMaker Studio IDE

GameMaker might have been one of the first game development tools used by many — including me six years ago — and is still used a lot by many. But GameMaker has proven to be absolute crap — both as a game engine and an educational tool. It is a very dubious decision to use it for anything.

💢 I have had members challenge me on my opinion of this horrid piece of garbage — even accusing me being “toxic” for calling it out with objective facts. Thankfully they both stopped attending — one had to be removed for other reasons. If you are the mediocre type afraid of learning a real tool and choose to use this ridiculous piece of garbage that is your choice, but please stay far away from SkilStak.

Corrupts Game Code

I have witnessed GameMaker randomly destroy people’s games before. In one case on the last day of a Summer camp.

Uses Horrible XML Configurations

The choice to save internals in XML was one of the dumbest decision this company made. It renders games impossible to save in GitHub and GitLab without seriously risking source corruption. There are ways around this, but they are unnecessarily complex and could have been easily avoided if the GameMaker architects had half a clue.

Buggy Proprietary Source

The technology behind it is not only second-rate and full of bugs but is proprietary and cannot be fixed by you or anyone else.

Owned By a Gambling Company

The previous owner’s ethics that were plenty questionable, so when he sold it to a video gambling company I wasn’t really all that surprised.

No Transferable Skills

Nothing you learn making games with GameMaker will transfer to any other discipline. This the biggest reason those who would help empower others with coding and tech skills should abhor GameMaker as I do. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. This tool is horrible for education.