Executing / Executable / Execution

Executing something means to carry it out, to do it. Something is executable when it can be carried out. Files that do not have executable permission modes set on them cannot be run. They are treated like simple data or text files instead.

🤔 An “executioner” carries out the command to kill someone.

[And no I do not care for Game of Brain-Dead Excuses to Show Gratuitous Violence and Graphic Perversion Thrones. Thank GOD it’s finally over!]

📰 In the (horrible) Windows world, the mandatory .exe file extension means a binary file full of machine code but it is actually just indicating a file that can be executed. This is why they are considered dangerous when they come from someone you don’t know. The person who sent it put the commands into the file to be carried out on your computer or device. Not knowing what they are is pretty damn dangerous. You are trusting that person with the life of your system.