Empowerment and Enrichment are All That Matter

When deciding what you should spend your time learning there are only two metrics that really matter: empowerment and enrichment. This greatly focuses your learning and ensures you waste the least amount of time. It does require you have some handle on what is it you want to do with your life, however.


The first question you should ask about learning anything is “How will this empower me?” Empowerment is the purpose for any technology to exist. You can use your powers to get yourself a job, change the world, or simply enrich your life.


Enrichment is making your life more joyful. Enriching activities are what you find yourself living for. Being empowered and being enriched are different things. You can be empowered but not find any joy in using your powers. Being empowered means you can save the world. Being enriched means you want to save the world.

Questions That Don’t Matter As Much