Embedding a Google Document Into a Web Page

Here’s how you can put a group authored Google document into an HTML page on your website using the iframe element. This is great when you are working on something fun or official with a group as school or work and just want people to be able to see if from the web when visiting your site.

But First …

Create a Google document and put something in it so you can see what you are embedding. You can go ahead and start inviting others (whom you trust) to edit it as well.

Step by Step

Open up your Google document and find Publish to the web … in the File menu.

You will see Link and Embed. Click on Embed.

Now click on Publish.

You will see a bunch of highlighted HTML for the iframe. Copy this.

Open your HTML source code and paste the iframe where you want it to appear.

TODO add how to set height and width and style it.